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NOT competing for Enterprise business (shock!)

Business parks and shopping malls across South Africa are firmly on the commercial radar of small to mid-sized Internet Service Providers (ISPs), wireless ISPs (WISPs) and operators, because most enterprises in these areas want reliable, cost-effective direct access to the global internet.

Competition for the custom of these enterprises is already keen enough, so existing suppliers will be pleased to learn that WIOCC – which owns Africa’s largest metropolitan area network, the Johannesburg Metro Fibre Internet Access (MFIA) network – has reconfirmed its wholesale approach and will not be competing with them for their end-user business.

Instead, WIOCC remains firmly focussed on enabling such suppliers to target enterprise customers and prospects with more competitive solutions.

WIOCC’s Johannesburg MFIA includes more than 40 PoPs (Points of Presence) and provides direct access, over a fully redundant network, to more than 2,000 business customers’ premises across 95 business parks and numerous shopping malls in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

A key factor for enterprises in their choice of connectivity provider is the level of uptime they can expect. Providers offering a solution that’s underpinned by WIOCC’s unique, diversity-rich, high-redundancy network – incorporating 55,000km of terrestrial fibre in Africa and more than 60,000km of submarine cable – are extremely well positioned to offer excellent service levels.

…and as WIOCC has invested in building its own extremely scalable, high-capacity domestic and international network, it is also able to offer ISPs, WISPs and operators very competitive prices for carrying traffic.

Owning the network makes it easy for WIOCC to deliver scalable and flexible solutions, which can be of great value particularly to enterprise customers operating in dynamic markets and environments.

With its new Jo’burg Metro and extensive South African network, WIOCC is now offering partnership opportunities to South African ISPs, WISPs and operators looking to profit from the growing number of enterprises seeking cost-effective, high-quality internet connectivity.

For more information, visit the WIOCC website.

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NOT competing for Enterprise business (shock!)