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Webafrica launches LTE at Home with a free-to-use router

Webafrica has launched LTE at Home, which hooks you up with racy-fast Internet at sexy prices and includes a free-to-use wireless router with your purchase – all delivered to your door within 5 working days.

The LTE service uses hassle-free mobile technology rather than complicated cables, and all the packages come with LTE speeds – ranging from 20 Mbps (which is 5x faster than bog-standard ADSL) and up to 50Mbps, depending on coverage.

Included in the LTE deals is a free-to-use plug-and-play wireless Huawei B618 premium LTE router (valued at R2,100).

How the new LTE offering compares

A 4Mbps ADSL line with a Telkom voice line and 100GB of data will come to approximately R600 p/m, while Webafrica’s entry-level LTE offering of 110GB is in far better priced – at R549 p/m.

A 10Mbps ADSL line with a Telkom voice line and 200GB of data will work out to around R825 p/m, where Webafrica’s 170GB LTE package is priced at R799 p/m.

With these new LTE offerings from Webafrica, you can get an even faster, and arguably more reliable, product at similar pricing on the Rain network.

The deal is offered on a month-to-month basis, with no contracts.

Should you choose to cancel your service, all that is required is 1 calendar month’s notice.

The router can then be returned to Webafrica – required it is still in good condition.

Should you wish to keep the router, you can purchase it at the full retail price from Webafrica.

“If ever there was a good time for disgruntled ADSL users to switch to LTE, now is that time as there is no barrier to entry whatsoever,” said Webafrica.

Sales are expected to skyrocket and stock is limited, so it is advised to get your order in as early as possible.

For more information, please visit the Webafrica website.

This article was published in partnership with Webafrica.

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Webafrica launches LTE at Home with a free-to-use router