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Micro Focus SA looking for channel partners following HPE merger

Micro Focus’ merger with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) software business has created the seventh largest pure-play enterprise software company in the world.

This merger has brought together two leaders in the software industry to form a new, combined company uniquely positioned to help customers maximize existing software investments and embrace innovation in a world of Hybrid IT.

“As a legacy HPE Software and Micro Focus distributor, we are very excited with what the Micro Focus business will bring in the future,” says Jim Holland, Executive at Axiz.

“The new combined company presents us with the 7th largest Enterprise Software vendor in the world – the opportunities for our channel partners are significant.”

Micro Focus is designed from the ground up to build, sell and support software, and with the addition of HPE’s products and services, the portfolio has expanded considerably.

“Both Micro Focus and HPE have strong, complimentary products with very little overlap across the whole portfolio,” says Gary de Menezes, Micro Focus South Africa General Manager.

“Customers will benefit from this hugely as we have integrated products and interfaces at a rapid pace.”

The new portfolio of the combined company helps solve the most complex technology problems for customers, delivering world-class, enterprise-scale solutions in key areas including:

  • DevOps: enabling the rapid delivery of quality, secure applications with end-to-end visibility across a toolchain of commercial and open source offerings — leveraging the largest portfolio in the industry.
  • Hybrid IT: simplifying the management of a complex mix of platforms, delivery methods and consumption models to help organizations address business needs, control costs, and ensure availability and performance at global scale.
  • Security & Risk Management: Securing data, applications and access; powering security operations and governance to mitigate risk and maintain compliance; and harnessing the power of secure DevOps practices to ensure end-to-end risk management.
  • Predictive Analytics: Helping customers translate siloed data into real-time proactive analytics at scale, anchored on supporting open and cloud-based stacks to create new insights across applications, operations, security and the business.

Now, though, de Menezes admits that Micro Focus needs “feet on the street” as Micro Focus intends to drive the new portfolio completely through channel partner community.

“While most vendors need partners because they need to skill up locally from a technical perspective, we want partners to get sales certified so that we can get them on the street,” he adds.

“Then we will work with them on the technical side over time to help them to evolve into Micro Focus consultant partners.”

Micro Focus works closely with its Premier Partners that are skilled and certified, each in different categories, but needs to increase this because the new portfolio is so large.

As such, Micro Focus has an important relationship with Axiz, who has been Micro Focus’ only major distributor for the whole of Africa and also a major partner of HPE, and is therefore in a unique position.

“Our partnership with Axiz is now a huge advantage for us, as Axiz is the only distributor with both portfolios, and we don’t need to wait for them to rationalise and integrate the products,” explains de Menezes.

“The relevance to the channel and market is something that Axiz is working hard to develop and the close partnership with both HPE and Micro Focus is key to the success of this business,” adds Holland.

“We understand that the ecosystem is key to our joint success and the opportunity across the whole portfolio is significant.

“Axiz is investing significantly in this business and we will continue to work closely to develop the channel to take advantage of this opportunity.”

With Axiz, Micro Focus has already integrated the teams and started educating channel partners, and as a result Axiz and South Africa are already far ahead of the curve globally

“We are now ready to head out to market, together with channel partners, with a portfolio that is second to none,” concludes de Menezes.

For more information about signing up as a reseller, visit the Axiz website.

This article was published in partnership with Axiz.

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Micro Focus SA looking for channel partners following HPE merger