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Acer supports Cloud Education Solutions

Acer supports education development and has committed to making technology a more prominent feature in the classroom.

The recent Google EdTech Summit held at Dainfern College, focused on how to easily use technology in the classroom and enhance teaching and learning to engage students.

Teach the Teacher

Acer is the platinum global sponsor of international American based conferencing business EdTech, a company who hosts roughly 200 education conferences across the world and trained 84 000 teachers last year.

EdTech’s goal is to share best practice solutions for using technology in the classroom.

The EdTech Summit was launched five years ago through a joined venture between EdTech team America and Cloud education solutions which was then optimised for the South African leg of the project.

“In South Africa alone this year, EdTech has managed to train 600 educators in only 10 months about how to introduce and improve the use of technology in the classroom and how both educators and pupils will benefit,” says Alister Payne, the Google Education Partner as well as Acer Education “Chrome Premier” Partner, and Acer Synergy Platinum Partner.

“At this year’s conference we had created bite-size breakaway sessions; one of which was called ‘Chromebooks What’s The Fuss All About’. The aim of this particular session was to educate the audience on the Acer Chromebook and how it advances and transforms education in South Africa. The Chromebook is the leader in the international education sector with Acer being at the forefront of teaching and learning,” adds Payne.

Why the Chromebook

The Acer Chromebook is a unique device earmarked for learning facilities, customised and developed particularly with education spaces in mind.

The simple design of the device allows for an easy user experience.

In addition, low prices, long battery life and ease of use are just a few reasons why Acer Chromebook is perfect for the modern day classroom.

As Payne clearly puts it, “educators cannot be expected to identify and solve technical issues while trying to teach a Biology lesson.”

With the Chromebook, all these hindrances are eradicated and the popularity is constantly growing with the machine outselling Mac for the first time in 2016.

Breaking Ground

In the past year Payne has been involved in many successful Acer for Education projects introducing Chromebook into schools and educating students and teachers on the uses of the Google tool sets in their daily learning.

Some of which include The Click Foundation –  Chromebook devices were placed with 500 students across two grades as well as replacing an additional 100 devices with Chromebook.

A stand out moment was working with a small independent school in Cape Town called Cannons Creek, this was one of the pilot schools which at inception did not even have a server but can today say they utilise 120 Chromebook machines, significantly impacting the daily teachings the school offers its students and teachers.

“We have also worked with the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls which has 200 Chromebook devices as well as Hudson Park, a school in the Eastern Cape which has completely moved all their students and teachers onto Acer devices,” adds Payne.

What’s Next

Payne works closely with Acer to share his knowledge on the industry with educators. “We work with schools at a consultancy and technical level helping them to improve their communication, event management and work flow focusing on professional development,” says Payne.

When asked what the end goal was for Cloud Education in South Africa, Payne clearly states, “We want to change education from quintile one classroom to quintile five; and Google provides this.” Payne continues by explaining that the same solutions used in companies can now be used in schools changing education from the grass roots. It’s not about holding onto knowledge but rather giving knowledge away and making is accessible in education.

“There is so much excitement around the Acer for Education in the South Africa tool kit. It’s not about Google but rather the simplicity of the tool set which Google provides. This is for a community that is growing and with the help and support from Acer and its Chromebook device together we have a real understanding and commitment to the community and its people. It is about finding customised solutions.” concludes Payne.

This article was published in partnership with Acer.

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Acer supports Cloud Education Solutions