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Fill the skills gap and advance your career – Do an (ISC)2 security course

As businesses move more and more into an online space, cybercrime is a growing concern – in South Africa as well as globally.

According to global cyber security company Kaspersky Lab, 2017 has seen the highest numbers of reported web threat incidents of all time.

“The security challenge is global,” says Dr. Adrian Davis, CISSP Managing Director EMEA, (ISC)2.

“It is pervasive and ever changing as cloud and the ability to connect anything to the Internet drives dramatic change across business and society.”

Despite popular belief, this is not something that can be managed as a technical issue.

“We have long passed the stage where IT teams and their IT security specialists can wrap technical solutions around their systems and infrastructure and consider their organisations protected,” adds Davis.

As such, there is a growing need for information security leaders who possess the breadth and depth of expertise necessary to establish holistic security programs that assure the protection of an organisations information assets.

The effect of cybercrime in South Africa

Training and certification will always remain a key factor to aid the development and growth of the ICT industry in SA.

“With the recent spike of Cyber related breaches, that we are seeing both globally and within our own borders, it goes without saying that Cyber Security has become one of the biggest concerns for both major corporations and small-medium sized organisations,” says Kaveer Moodly, Torque IT (ISC)2 Business Unit Manager.

“This is a hot topic that has been the main focus of many IT Security Professionals in the industry, with much debate around what best practices are and what is no longer relevant.

“We see that as technology advancements are making strides into the future, so are these Cyber criminals, who are constantly evolving and becoming more ingenious with their activities online.”

South Africa being an economic hub on the African continent puts the country right at the centre of attention as a targeted hotspot for Cyber Security breaches.

“Awareness around this topic is of utmost importance if we are to stand a chance against hackers, and that’s where we come in,” Moodly adds.

As such, Torque IT offers comprehensive Cyber Security training ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills to defend your personal assets and your organisations sensitive data against any incoming attacks.

Demand for security is high, but skills are hard to come by

The demand for security professionals is being driven by the wholesale market pressure encouraging companies to embrace and innovate with new technologies, including cloud- based infrastructures, online customer environments, and connected consumer products.

Headlines being generated from the breaches that are occurring because not enough consideration for security has come with these developments is also increasing the demand for security experts.

Companies and whole economies are highly dependent on their technology systems, and on having access to the data they house.

As such, more companies are raising their game by both bolstering security teams and investing in security skills across other business units, particularly IT and the engineering departments driving innovation.

Yet professionals report that they are understaffed and work long hours as the impact of a workforce gap, projected to be 1.8 million by 2022, begins to take effect now.

“As a result, these professionals are forced into a reactive mode as they struggle to gain the visibility they need to manage vulnerability and work within an environment where both information and systems security risks remain poorly understood outside of their practice,” adds Davis.

What can be done to address the cybersecurity skills gap?

This gap can be closed through a focus on education and training, and security training has developed exponentially to address varied requirements from the need for specialist skill areas of practice to employee awareness.

“We are currently fielding a great need from companies and governments around the world to invest in more people that can take on the broader challenge of establishing, managing and maturing their organisations security posture,” notes Davis.

“There is also a significant requirement for people that can guide their organisation’s transition to cloud-based technologies and infrastructures.”

A look at (ISC)2 security training

With 125,000 members, (ISC)2 is the world’s largest nonprofit membership association dedicated to supporting and advancing security practice through professional certification, continuing education and career support.

Established in 1989, (ISC)2 currently maintains a family of certification exams to suit varied careers in IT, information, cyber and infrastructure security.

These underpin a holistic programmatic approach to security management, including the world-recognised Certified Information Systems Security professional (CISSP), and the Certified Cloud Security Professional, increasingly cited as a top choice for skills and continued professional development.

“The strength in any course comes from its applicability to real-world scenarios and current requirements,” says Davis.

“Unless the training is linked to the application of a particular product, the concepts and learning outcomes covered should be technology and vendor agnostic, with knowledge that can be applied straight away and learning that endures throughout a career.”

As such, member experience underpins our (ISC)2 certifications, and the bodies of knowledge and exams are developed and maintained as current through ongoing consultation with members through a process of job task analysis.

Security training in South Africa

Torque IT, the leading training, enablement and certification solutions provider, is the official training provider for (ISC)² in South Africa.

“Torque IT is well-established, has a strong reputation for their professionalism and effective teaching and they have given us the capacity to make professional certification accessible in South Africa with four training centers covering the country’s major cities,” explains Davis.

“Beyond this, they are committed to delivering the quality, and supportive experience we look for as people begin their journey as an (ISC)² member.”

Torque IT has been an industry leader in ICT Training and certifications for the past 22 years and its experience over this period of time shines through the following key differentiators:

  • 34+ International Vendor Accredited Technologies
  • 54+ Internationally Certified In-house instructors
  • 320+ Vendor Accredited Courses Scheduled per month on a rolling six-month schedule
  • 65+ State of the Art Training Facilities spread across 4 branches in the regions of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria.

Toque IT’s footprint going into Africa is impressive in its own right, with its name and brand well known and respected across the African continent.

Training that creates future leaders in the security industry

“At Torque IT, we realise that knowledge transfer in the form of IT Training and Certification leads the way in building relationships, cultivating skills and creating leaders of the future,” explains Moodly.

“Innovation is our passion, especially in today’s digital workplace which demands a skilled staff complement that is able to meet the criteria associated with the deployment of modern technology.”

Torque IT’s model is based on understanding the various technology requirements of its clients, identifying where they are at, and proposing a specific training solution that will transform the overall productivity of their organisation into something meaningful and unique.

Torque IT focuses on providing quality learning, on a comprehensive breadth of technology platforms, to offer skills and knowledge that are industry relevant and in high demand.

“We are constantly striving for excellence by aligning ourselves with industry-leaders, and to be on the pulse of industry trends,” Moodly adds.

“(ISC)2’s reputation in the global market is synonymous with internationally acclaimed industry leaders in the Cyber Security space, so it was an easy choice for us to align ourselves strategically with (ISC)2.”

(ISC)2’s market reach and member-base is unparalleled, and Torque IT is seeing a huge uptake in interest since launching this new and exciting technology.

“We are also proud of the fact that we are an Official Training Provider and are able to deliver International Accredited courses with the (ISC)2 official courseware,” Moodly says.

“Our goals and vision with (ISC)2 are to firstly expand our portfolio with them and also most importantly growing a long-standing relationship with (ISC)2.

“I believe that opportunities to truly make a difference in our field are of paramount importance to us and that we have a winning combination with Torque IT and (ISC)2 working together in alliance for the best interest of the Cyber Security industry in SA.”

For more information, visit the Torque IT website.

This article was published in partnership with Torque IT.

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Fill the skills gap and advance your career – Do an (ISC)2 security course