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Data centre projects: Advantages of using a reference design

Strong incentives exist to plan, build, and commission data centres faster.

However, the common reality of tighter budgets, less staff, uncertain and dynamic IT load, and an uncompromised need for high availability makes it difficult to do this optimally.

It is no longer practical or cost-effective to completely engineer all aspects of a unique data centre.

Effective planning is the key.

Using a reference design to plan a new data centre saves time and effort while reducing risk and improving reliability.

Being built on pre-engineered systems intended to interoperate with each other, reference designs reduce risk and improve overall predictability and reliability as compared to using a custom, one-off design built from scratch.

Using a reference design as a starting point in the planning process helps bring a new data centre online faster and helps ensure there are fewer surprises and problems once it’s operational.

Schneider Electric’s white paper defines reference designs and explains their benefits.

In general, a reference design is a system blueprint, list of attributes including system level performance specifications, and (ideally) includes a detailed list of materials or components that comprise the system.

While a reference design can be directly implemented, more typically, it serves as a baseline design that is adapted to meet specific user preferences or constraints.

A data centre reference design acts as a starting point offering a project team several valuable benefits including:

  • Facilitating and simplifying the planning phase
  • Reducing time to create buildable designs
  • Reducing risk, offering predictable performance and improved reliability of the data centre once operational

Schneider Electric’s paper describes what a data centre reference design is, what it includes, and explains how the benefits listed above are achieved.

To download the whitepaper, visit the Schneider Electric website.

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Data centre projects: Advantages of using a reference design