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AirTies Wi-Fi Mesh Kit – High-Speed Wi-Fi to every corner of your home

With Internet access speeds getting faster and faster, the conventional in-home Wi-Fi architecture of a centralised router is becoming problematic.

The weakening of wireless signals through walls and floors results in poor Wi-Fi performance and dead-spots.

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, which relies on a single router, the AirTies Home Wi-Fi Mesh system uses multiple Access Points (APs) placed around the home to create an intelligent and seamless Mesh network that ensures consistent high quality Wi-Fi performance to all corners of the home.

This intelligent mesh Wi-Fi system comes in the form of a pre-paired triple-pack of Air 4920 devices specifically designed for the residential market.

The APs automatically establish wireless 5GHz backhaul links between one another to ensure that data transmission patterns are optimised throughout the home.

Using super-fast wireless 802.11ac technology the AirTies Mesh system will keep the whole family connected no matter where they are in the home.

A single pack for the Air 4920 is also available and can be used as either an extension to an existing mesh (3+1), or a stand-alone access point.

A New Approach to in-Home Wi-Fi

Previous attempts at solving the in-home Wi-Fi problem include the use of Wi-Fi repeaters, but these tend to come with their own set of problems in terms of set-up and use.

Using a repeater generally results in a fragmented Wi-Fi coverage where the client device (e.g. a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) must decide where to connect.

It is evident that these mobile smart devices do not make intelligent decisions when it comes to optimal connection.

This often forces the home user to manually switch between Wi-Fi networks to ensure connection to the best-performing access point.

Until now, cabling remained the only feasible alternative to carry fast Internet speeds to every other room in the home.

Typically, however, little attention is paid to data cabling routes when homes are designed and built, therefore the user is left with a choice of either poor and fragmented Wi-Fi using repeaters or drilling, chasing and general outfitting of unsightly data cables.

AirTies’ In-Home Mesh Technology Explained

Founded in 2004, AirTies is the most widely deployed provider of Wi-Fi Mesh solutions to operators around the globe with an installed base of over 15 million devices worldwide.

Support for Wireless Video Streaming

Consumers love to watch Internet videos on their mobile devices at home, but hate to see them buffering at the most exciting parts.

Streaming to moving wireless devices is even more challenging. The AirTies system prioritises video signals over other Internet traffic to ensure optimal performance.

This enables consumers to connect their wired or wireless Set-Top-Box and stream HD or UHD content with no cabling required.

Intelligent Client and Band Steering

The intelligent AirTies 4920 dual-band mesh consistently analyses the location, status and performance of each of the Wi-Fi clients and actively hands-off the client to a better positioned AP ensuring maximum performance.

The mesh system also learns the Wi-Fi capabilities of each individual client allowing for the optimisation of band utilisation.

If a dual-band capable device is settling for a connection on the slower 2.4GHz band, the system automatically steers this client to the 5GHz band not only improving the throughput performance of that particular device, but also alleviating congestion on the 2.4GHz band, boosting the performance of legacy single-band devices.

Easy Installation and Expansion

Installation and set-up is a breeze for consumers and does not require a technician.

Setup is managed by a user-friendly mobile application (iOS/Android) that also sports some excellent management features like an in-home network sitemap, connected client list, mesh-link health and guest access control.

In addition, it facilitates a single Wi-Fi network with one name and one password for the entire home.

Each AirTies 4920 AP has two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

These Ethernet ports can be used to connect to a wired client device like a NAS or media streamer, or if you already have a LAN network in place, it can also be used for backhaul data transmissions.

Best of all is the price, which is very competitive for a triple-pack mesh system.

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AirTies Wi-Fi Mesh Kit – High-Speed Wi-Fi to every corner of your home