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Broadband Infraco’s readies for roll-out with m-Tera network upgrade

State-owned fibre-optic infrastructure company Broadband Infraco has spent $15 million to upgrade and modernise its nationwide fibre-optic backbone network, as it positions itself to deliver the best broadband services in SA.

The equipment upgrade is based on Coriant’s software-defined networking-enabled end-to-end solution that enable network operators to cost-efficiently scale network capacity.  According to Broadband Infraco, the solution will enable it to cost-effectively meet increasing customer demand for high-capacity services while enhancing network scalability, efficiency and reliability.

Previously, Broadband Infraco had indicated that it is working to turn operations around. The maximising of fibre assets and expansion of its suite of wholesale services throughout its nationwide network can be seen as one of the first steps towards that goal.

Gift Zowa, Broadband Infraco CTO, says the company’s vision is to “be the provider of choice for end-to-end communication services”, upholding the principles of open access and being carrier-neutral.

“It is with this goal in mind that the company continues to prove its place among the best in the industry by keeping up with the constant evolution of bandwidth-intensive applications requirements, with complete understanding that a robust and flexible backbone network is critical to helping our customers keep pace in this rapidly changing landscape. This upgrade will improve network reliability at various levels”.

The company notes it is not changing its fibre-optic network, rather the project focuses on upgrading current transmission equipment, for which Coriant is already one of the service providers on Broadband Infraco’s core network.

“This is a continuation of a project initiated in 2013. The current process is therefore an upgrade on the existing base technology which is close to completion”.

Puleng Kwele, chief executive of Broadband Infraco, states: “We remain committed to delivering best-in-class broadband services that help accelerate economic development throughout South Africa and ensuring downstream cost efficiency benefits for our customers.”

She adds: “We are pleased that the deployment of this state of the art technology will be completed in December as it will support a new generation of broadband applications and wholesale services, including 100G.

This article was published in partnership with Broadband Infraco.

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Broadband Infraco’s readies for roll-out with m-Tera network upgrade