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FastNet Freemium WiFi pays for itself

Retail WiFi is more than just keeping clients longer at a coffee shop or offering high speed internet at one’s fitment centre.

Today, freemium WiFi is about knowing your customer and enabling real-time engagement; whether your loyal customers are in your store or back at home.

South African Chief Marketing Officers are striving to enhance their customer journeys: allowing app downloads and product in-store surveys, enticing customers back to store with targeted product specials, managing long queue time for purchases and encouraging repeat visits through targeted product offers via their phone or tablet.

Enabling omnichannel engagement via WiFi based technologies is a global trend: leading platform provider Aptilo Networks recently published research suggesting that retail WiFi services lead to 61% more time on premise and 46% of customers spend more money after getting free WiFi.

Retail Week reported in May 2017 that 88% of British shopping mall specialists listed retail WiFi as their top tech priority to better serve visitors.

Enriched customer data justifies the investment in carrier grade WiFi for venue owners, especially if the enterprise deploys these technologies across their entire franchise network.

Analysing customer heat maps and footfall offers insight to shopper behaviour and high performing products.

Enriching this with customer internet behaviour and data from one’s enterprise loyalty program allows marketing specialists to attract, engage and up-sell customers.

Managed retail WiFi is now a reality to South African enterprises.

FastNet offers retail WiFi solutions to retail and service franchisees to:

  • Drive engagement and top-of-mind brand awareness
  • Improve in-store personalisation and in-store retention
  • Influence shopper online-to-offline behaviour
  • Improve store operations

Enterprises may use their existing broadband connectivity, or opt for dedicated internet access that is either uncapped DSL or high-speed LTE.

Contact FastNet at [email protected] or via your BCX account manager.

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FastNet Freemium WiFi pays for itself