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Vigitech introduces the Tinitell children’s wearable phone

As the digital world paces faster than ever, connectivity has become an imperative in every aspect of our lives.

However, the need for parents to stay connected with their children throughout the day isn’t a new phenomenon.

Cell phones have been one of the best options to stay connected with your children, however it imposed many risks, including compromising their health.

With the many risk factors associated with overexposure to technologies such as smartphones and tablets, it shouldn’t be a parent’s first choice for communication.

Conducted by Boston College, research has revealed that 75% of children aged 9 and 10 years are sleep deprived to the extent that their grades go down due to overexposure of most technology usage, which is only one example of the many risk factors paired with many smart devices.

These risk factors including potential damage or loss in the hands of children gave rise to the need for a healthier alternative to give children at a young age.

Vigitech has recently announced the most anticipated launch of the Tinitell wearable phone and GPS tracker that is now available in South Africa.

Tinitell is the new Scandinavian Mobile Phone, specifically designed for children, and is one of the smallest mobile phones ever made.

Tinitell is geared towards children from an early preschool age to active preteens seeking a basic and reliable wearable device for rugged outdoor activities.

Since parents simply cannot monitor a child’s technology usage around the clock, Tinitell is the perfect solution.

With Tinitell, children can make and receive calls in a simple and secure way.

Tinitell AB CEO Mats Horn explained that a screenless device was a conscious decision from the start.

“Keeping Tinitell as simple and durable as possible were key factors during the design process”, says Horn.

“We wanted to make it an outdoor phone for outdoor kids, and the possibility of it breaking and making it inoperable simply wasn’t an option. Plus, we believe it’s more fun for kids to fully explore the real environment, and not the virtual one offered by a screen.”

According to the Norwegian Consumer Council, Tinitell is rated the safest device and best build quality among those tested, with mentions to being the only product that did not pose a security risk to children.

How it works

The device straps around the wrist, like a watch, freeing up the child’s hands and mind and making it easier to play, skate, bike, run and climb.

In order to safely locate their children on a map via the GPS tracking feature, parents can download the Tinitell app on their smartphones, which is compatible with Android and iOS.

Voice guidance replaces visual interaction and screen time, which becomes essential during outdoor activities.

And, instead of numbers on a screen, Tinitell has voice labels for each contact, recorded by parents and children.

Super simple, fun, and durable, Tinitell is bound to appeal to all children around the world, while giving parents peace of mind for their safety.

Tinitell Giveaway

Vigitech is giving away one Tinitell wearable phone to one lucky winner.

To enter, simply sign up for the Vigitech newsletter in the web shop at and like their Facebook page @VigitechSA. The winner will be announced on 20 November.

South African customers are able to buy the product online through Tinitell’s online store, and is available at an RRP of R1,899.

For more information, visit

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Vigitech introduces the Tinitell children’s wearable phone