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This is the best kept secret in the telephony industry

Since 2006, ScopServ has manufactured and supplied a leading communication platform, offering mature and robust solutions for IP PBX and call centres.

The integration ability has always been a stand out giving users the ability to align the communication between company systems.

ScopTel provides you seamless integration with existing information systems and CRM applications, and enables you to truly manage your company’s communications.

Ushering in a new era of communication with the rise of cloud based applications, ScopServ International has tripled their development workforce and negotiated agreements with their global partners, specifically in South Africa, to expand their product capabilities to meet the new market expectations of scalability and unified communications.

ScopServ’s next generation solution will include a dynamically scalable, self-healing architecture to suit the Software as a Service (SaaS) market.

With the use of exciting new technologies this solution will rival the best of bread competition and propel ScopServ to the forefront of future communication offerings.

The development roadmap will include exciting new advanced Unified Communication and Collaboration feature sets such as:

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Voice and Video Conferencing (VC)
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • CRM Integration, and so much more

Adding to the new feature sets, ScopServ has realised that the mass migration to cloud has brought new challenges where reliance on network connectivity and added security risks are a reality.

To mitigate these risks, ScopServ will be adding key products, such as Branch Office Survivability Solutions (ScopBOSS), which would keep a company’s phones working in the event of IP PBX or network connectivity failure.

Additionally, ScopServ is developing an Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC) to assist with the ever-growing risk of security and fraud with IP based systems giving their clients peace of mind whether they decide to go cloud or premise based with their communications.

Many people believe that switching systems must be expensive, complicated, and time consuming, and so they’d rather not change until they really have to.

Maybe you too are feeling reluctant because the thought of having to change systems is daunting, and your standard office desk phone is an island of stability in an ever-changing world.

But, what if upgrading your telephone system could substantially improve your bottom line? Through their simpler, uncomplicated, well-priced, and scalable solution, ScopServ changes the game globally.

ScopServ – which Dr VoIP calls the best kept secret in the industry – is a global pioneer in the IP telephony solutions design (VoIP) that makes migration to VoIP easy, with a non-modular, all-encompassing system.

It enables full end-user mobility and is a true multi-tenant solution with many benefits including industry leading TCO and ROI.

The comprehensive system addresses the needs of any size business, while lowering costs for phone bills, space used, licensing, support, cooling, and power.

Many VoIP telephony providers license features, which means you have to pay a licence for every additional feature – even just to have access to the viewing of the call centre reports.

ScopServ on the other hand licenses the devices, so it is fully scalable and far more cost-effective. ScopServ has also included multi-device licensing.

What’s more, with ScopServ there is no proprietary devices, so you don’t have to buy additional hardware or be tied to proprietary hardware, with a wide range of IP Handsets available on the market today, again you are not locked into proprietary and expensive IP Handsets, you have a choice.

You are also provided with training, software and support, yet you retain the ability to service the system yourself.

ScopServ has always centered its efforts on technical development, investing primarily into building the product that constantly adapts to market requirements.

With a 2001 inception coding date and officially founded in 2006, ScopServ has become a market leader in the industry of IP telephony solutions development (VoIP) globally.

For more information, visit ScopServ website.

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This is the best kept secret in the telephony industry