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SMS just got smarter – Connect Mobile introduces Genius SMS

Connect Mobile, a mover and shaker in the SMS sphere, has now implemented business intelligence tools into their existing online messaging platform that already boasts features like automated opt out management, PRSMS and USSD campaign management and much more.

Genius SMS is a nimble, easy-to-use tool that incorporates images, GIFs, YouTube videos or pre-populated PDF information flyers into an SMS.

Genius SMS for 18c and less, not only reaches potential consumers with clever graphics but can also re-market within the social media realm.

What’s more is the option to brand the link sent via SMS to ensure brand reputability.

This modern messaging tool includes social media channels like Facebook and WhatsApp, with a location setup to be launched in the near future driving consumers directly to your store.

Social media marketing has become a go-to for any business to not only gain followers but to also turn followers into buyers, let Genius SMS become your lead conversion channel.

Recipients receiving the link via SMS can easily redirect to your sign-up page, survey or the like.

In doing this, you are exposing your customers to not only your advertised product, but also to all of your other promos and services.

A myriad of businesses are already making use of this terrific tool as part of their mobile marketing strategy.

What’s a strategy without the means to measure it?

The web-based reporting tool provides analytics on various aspects of your campaign.

These reports provide insights into delivered messages, unique link clicks and sharing statistics on social media platforms.

If you need a marketing strategy for the promotion of products and services, then you won’t find a cheaper option than Genius SMS that will serve as marketing tactic to yield maximum results.

You can find out more about Genius SMS by visiting the Connect Mobile website.

This article was published in partnership with Connect Mobile.

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SMS just got smarter – Connect Mobile introduces Genius SMS