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Redefining value in the digital disruption era

As the fourth industrial revolution becomes mainstream, businesses are having to rethink their value propositions to the changes that accompany this age.

Platform Business

Technology distributors play a fundamental role in bringing products and services to the channel.

As the fourth industrial revolution becomes mainstream, businesses are having to rethink their value propositions to the changes that accompany this age.

There is a growing realisation that companies that don’t do this could become irrelevant in the business landscape.

For a leading IT distributor, which uses and sells technology that fuels this revolution, market relevance and alignment determines success or failure.

In this digital disruption era, companies have to redefine their value in a market that is redefining how products and services are consumed.

Axiz understands these dynamics and has invested to present a transformed value proposition coupled with knowledge and experience attained in its successful past.

Confident that it’s ready for success, Axiz has established a bimodal business approach, leveraging its traditional business and enabling it to seize opportunities.

Mode one business focuses on traditional distribution business while mode two business operates in the world of software-defined solutions – bringing cloud-based products and solutions to market.

Mode one business is still responsible for most of Axiz’s revenues, but mode two operations are growing.

The synergy between the models is key in sustaining business in Axiz’s digital transformation and therefore the transformation to a platform business is essential.

The platform discussion is two-fold. On the one hand, there is the “technology platform” which facilitates the business-to-business transactions which is essentially establishing a digital business identity and presence.

On the other hand, there is the ‘platform business’ where a business builds an ecosystem within which innovative products or services are procured, designed, dispensed and aggregated based on an OSS/BSS architecture.

These two platform concepts must coexist to achieve a consistent digital presence driving the organisation’s strategic outcomes.

To this end Axiz has identified six key platform-functional systemic layers that the business platform requires in achieving a reliable digital presence and experience for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Through its transformational journey, Axiz has gained insights into the intricacies of the relationships between these layers in order to build value-driven ecosystems.

Next Generation Technology focus

Axiz’s strategy encompasses the journey from edge to cloud, including a division dedicated to everything digital, such as data-driven, mobile and big data analytics.

The digital team leaders are accomplished in fields such as Mechatronics and Industrial Systems Engineering, are advocates of design thinking, and use this methodology in developing business capabilities. Design thinking is about developing for outcomes, and being agile enough to adapt as requirements change.

Axiz now has a focused development team, giving it a competitive advantage: defining the functionality its customers desire and commit to delivering it.

Axiz spends significant time engaging with customers on how the company will remain valued and relevant, and to understand what kind of technologies and services will best serve the user community.

Applying artificial intelligence to data gathered in the cloud allows organisations to draw intelligent conclusions.

With cognitive analytics, the business case for users moves away from a product sale towards beneficial value sale, and what services a user could consume.

The team is working on exciting innovative projects that talk to specific verticals based on market research and requirements from partners.

Axiz is committed to staying at the forefront of technology, monitoring emerging trends and maintaining an eye on the next generation technologies. It is geared up for incoming disruptive technology.

Digital Transformation

Axiz’s digital transformation journey has been a humbling one that teaches it how to best leverage off the traditional business IP in its transformation to a Digital, Software and Services Distributor.

With over 27 years of experience in building channels and distribution business models within an ever-changing technology industry, the opportunities and challenges presented in this environment continue to refine its ability to deliver products and services to market and reshapes the organisation as it redefines its value to vendors, the channel and ultimately the consumers of the technology.

In 2013 Axiz completed the Digital Readiness Assessment, gaining insight into its digital capabilities and requirements and revealed areas for improvement to keep pace with the speed of digital transformation.

Since then Axiz has been replacing aged systems and re-examining workflows and is ready to roll out a new ERP system which will be at the core of its new digital business structure.

Axiz realises that in order to maintain market relevance, transforming to a platform business is key.

Axiz will continue to maintain strong relationships with its valued ecosystem partners through the journey and continue to demystify access to technology with support from its partners in an ever-changing technology environment.

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Redefining value in the digital disruption era