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Spliceworks enables tech start-ups in South Africa

“The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of South Africa: A Strategy for Global Leadership in 2017 ” report recently recommended that entrepreneurs need assistance in the form of higher touch-loan management in SME lending, better market access to ease large-firm dominance, and the continuation of public and private sector programs.

We spoke to Floris Buys, CEO of SpliceWorks, to find out what this BCX-backed, technology-specific platform is doing to help improve the state of entrepreneurship in South Africa.

What is SpliceWorks, and what need is it fulfilling in South Africa? 

SpliceWorks is an online platform that introduces tech entrepreneurs to business development partners, funders and potential customers, by leveraging Telkom and BCX’s vast network of partners and customers.

Its aim is to bring together the tech start-up eco-system in South Africa, addressing their challenges, and helping them to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses.

This platform has benefits for both the entrepreneur and those supporting it.

The Telkom Group, as well as BCX customers, need access to the latest and greatest digital technology innovations to stay relevant in today’s digital age.

SpliceWorks is fulfilling this need by on-boarding, curating and introducing entrepreneurs to the Telkom Group of companies through BCX to other potential large business, corporate and public sector customers.

How is SpliceWorks different to a traditional incubator or accelerator?

Generally speaking, traditional incubators and accelerators limit the intake of businesses into their programs.

We want to offer assistance at scale, and have therefore designed the platform to provide support to hundreds of tech disruptors through a network of partners, providing the services that these small and medium enterprises might need to grow their business.

How will SpliceWorks support entrepreneurs?

SpliceWorks has negotiated discounted pricing with service providers, and partnered with funding providers that can help entrepreneurs establish their businesses.

In addition, SpliceWorks will actively look for business opportunities for entrepreneurs within the Telkom Group and BCX.

How does SpliceWorks work and how can interested entrepreneurs sign-up?

Entrepreneurs can register on the platform and build a profile by answering some questions.

Their profile will be matched with potential funders and customers, and introductions will be made.

If entrepreneurs are not yet mature enough to be introduced to investors and customers, they can make use of the business development services available on the platform at discounted rates.

Currently the platform is a by-invitation only, closed beta. However, there are lead forms on the platform for entrepreneurs, prospective partners and customers to leave their details.

We will then either invite them to be part of the closed beta, or let them know as soon as the platform is officially launched.

This article was published in partnership with BCX.

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Spliceworks enables tech start-ups in South Africa