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You can’t ignore disruption

By Jess Mason, BCX Chief Marketing Officer

“Disruption” is all the rage these days. Every brand out there is looking for the next technology or innovation that will change the way we do business, redefine categories, and decimate the competition that didn’t have the foresight to think of it first.

At BCX, we know disruption isn’t a passing fad, it is the new norm. Industries that have thrived for centuries are now becoming obsolete in a matter of weeks or days.

The companies that embrace disruptive thinking are the ones that will thrive in the digital economy.

But how does a brand differentiate itself when almost every other brand in every vertical is discussing the latest piece of “disruption” they are introducing?

For BCX, it is a matter of realising where we can be most effective within the disruptive ecosystem.

What is the common denominator for all the big disruptors we’ve heard about the past few years?

Brands like Uber, Apple and AirBNB? These disruptions use technology. Technology is the backbone of disruptive innovation.

At BCX, we pride ourselves on being one of Africa’s premier end-to-end digital solutions partner.

We work with your business to make sure you have the digital solutions you need to scale, grow, remain relevant, and are powered to embrace the next big thing, no matter what new technology it requires.

We’ve built our business on providing the technology and business tools that enable disruption.

Cloud services, IoT, automation, augmented reality – these technologies have the potential to revolutionise industry as we know it.

And if South African companies embrace this disruption, our country has the potential to grow into the world’s next big technology leader.

We at BCX take our roles as the enablers of disruption very seriously. That’s why we’ve brought some of the world’s biggest disruptors, like and Malcolm Gladwell, to South Africa to educate business leaders on disruptive thinking and trends for the first-ever BCX Disrupt Summit.

Gladwell, and others like him, represent the kind of big thinker that doesn’t just build a better mouse trap, but makes the process of catching mice obsolete.

The BCX Disrupt Summit took place on 16 and 17 November at the Kyalami International Convention Centre to immerse attendees minds in new possibilities.

Get ready to discover new potential directions or wake up to possibilities that have been lying in wait all along.

One thing is certain: you’ll never think the same again. And BCX will be your disruption enabler every step of the way.

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You can’t ignore disruption