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Milestones and amazing figures summing up 2017 for Taxify

2017 has been a great year for Taxify showing incredible growth and a promising future, and here are some of the milestones and figures to sum up the year for Taxify.

The Taxify SA team turned their focus towards keeping both drivers and riders safe in the current political climate.

Taxify is strategically partnering with various key companies with the aim to create a safer transportation ecosystem in South-Africa.

In 2017, Taxify also tackled safety and convenience by upscaling its customer support team to 70 dedicated specialists in South-Africa and 425 globally. This team tackled 1,200,000 tickets during 2017.

Taxify expanded to 1 new city this year (Port Elizabeth). South Africa is currently the only Taxify country that has 4 official operating cities and is aiming for 3 more city launches in 2018. This makes Africa the largest market of the 36 cities that Taxify currently operates in.

The most expensive trip cost R5,800 (from PE to JHB), was 1053.94km long and took over 13 hours.

There have been some exciting product launches this year. One of them was Taxify for Business (ride-hailing solution for corporates), a fleet portal for driver partners (used to manage partners that have many vehicles and drivers) as well as Taxify Premium (the 2nd category created for high-end vehicles operating in Johannesburg).

This helps Taxify to collaborate with key companies within the local market to ensure new products and innovation tailored for SA specifically.

Taxify sponsored Cyril Ramaphosa’s Adopt A School Foundation event in 2017 where the company sponsored rides as a contribution towards conductive learning in disadvantaged schools.

The most popular destination for Taxify riders in 2017 was the Mall of Africa.

Lastly, Taxify recovered over 200 items lost by riders this year and returned them safely to their owners, showing how dedicated the drivers are to deliver top class service to their riders.

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Milestones and amazing figures summing up 2017 for Taxify