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SqwidNet kicks off its IoT Entrepreneurship Programme

SqwidNet kicked off its 3-day (IoT)E entrepreneurship programme, hosting 25 entrepreneurs at DFA’s offices in Pretoria, on 23 January.

The (IoT)E workshop focused on key IoT development areas, including device development, platform development, and entrepreneurship.

During the first day of the workshop, SqwidNet facilitated a maker’s workshop, where participants received development kits and were taken through the process of building a device with sensors to solve real-world sensing and monitoring problems.

The kit included an Arduino board and a SqwidNet-branded UnaShield Arduino Shield, pictured below.


As part of the workshop, participants will also be introduced to IoT software platforms, while the final day will focus on providing participants with high-level business skills.

The workshop will also be followed by a weekly webinar over a period of six weeks.

Even better news is that successful participants who manage to build working prototypes will have access to a funding pool from SqwidNet and its channel and ecosystem partners.

This will enable participants to move their prototypes into production.

“Our aim is to encourage the ecosystem of designers in South Africa because we believe that the challenges of the continent will be best solved by people living in it,” said Reshaad Sha, Sqwidnet CEO.

The workshop and funding pool will enable local entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary tools and skills to solve local challenges.

About SqwidNet

SqwidNet is the licensed Sigfox IoT network operator in South Africa, a standard that enables a multitude of low-cost, long-range, low-power modules and devices to serve IoT data in a secure and cost-efficient manner to application and service providers.

Through SqwidNet, the global IoT Sigfox network currently reaches 81% of the population in South Africa.

This article was published in partnership with SqwidNet.

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SqwidNet kicks off its IoT Entrepreneurship Programme