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Are you prepared for a data disaster?

It’s a fact that crime and theft in South Africa are putting businesses’ resiliency at risk daily. This is in combination with natural disasters such as flooding or fire, and global cyber-attacks such as ransomware.

Yet, few businesses are truly prepared for an unforeseen disaster which could wipe out their essential data.

Too often, companies’ backup systems are ineffective in the face of disaster, especially if the backups are on-premise or not automated.

Other challenges include capacity limitations, network issues and bandwidth constraints, and the maintenance of backup systems.

The rise of cloud computing has presented a solution to these challenges, and off-site Backups-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offer a variety of benefits.

Services such as Cloud Backup by DataKeepers offer a more affordable, secure alternative to traditional backups, with easy deployment, friendly tech support, and scalability.

Cloud Backup is based on three tiers:

  1. Backup: This may seem obvious, but having reliable backups is the very first step in preparing for any disaster. For larger backups and slower Internet connections, you can send a drive with your data to DataKeepers to upload for you as an initial seed. Backups thereafter will only be incremental on the data that has changed, saving you bandwidth and upload time.
  2. Continuity: If disaster should strike, Cloud Backup’s unique ‘Spin Up In The Cloud’ feature allows you to spin up a virtual instance of your device and continue working over a remote session while replacing your failed hardware. For quick access, your data is easily accessible via a web console for download or instant restore to a different device.
  3. Restore & Recovery: Restore your data directly from the cloud to your new platform or have DataKeepers deliver replacement hardware with your data just as it was. Large-scale recovery can also be performed by means of a “reverse seed” and your data can be couriered back to you, saving on bandwidth and recovery time.

DataKeepers offers 24/7 support and monitoring, as disasters can strike at any time, and the company continuously monitors all backup statuses and immediately notifies you of any issues.

As DataKeepers has its own local infrastructure, your backup data also never leaves South Africa. You know exactly where and with whom your data is stored, giving you peace of mind, knowing your data is secure and that it complies with local data security policies.

Data Security

Your backups will also be fully encrypted by enabling industry-standard AES256 encryption, which takes place before the data even leaves your device.

The encryption key is set by the user and cannot be retrieved in any way.

The transfer of the data is then further encrypted by SSL while uploading to their cloud storage, with the option of storing a second copy on-site.

Ransomware Protection

Another key feature of Cloud Backup’s service is the Real-Time Ransomware Protection that blocks a ransomware takeover in its tracks – at no additional cost.

Ransomware has crippled many companies worldwide, and once data is encrypted, it’s near impossible to ‘decrypt’ – even after paying the ransom amount.

Plans and Pricing

DataKeepers’ pricing is structured quite differently to the conventional “storage + per device” model available on the market.

The professional plans have no limit on the number of users or devices (Desktop, Server, Linux, Mac, and Mobile) and DataKeepers only takes into the account the amount of storage used.

Additionally, DataKeepers includes plug-ins for MS SQL, Exchange, Office 365, and a number of virtualisation platforms such as Hyper-V and VMware at no additional charge.

Resellers and Partners

DataKeepers also focuses on building long-term customer relationships with a white-label Partner Program that caters for resellers who wish to sell Backup-as-a-Service to their customers.

With Cloud Backup by DataKeepers, there is no reason to take any risks.

Originally founded in 2002 and having rebranded in 2016 to DataKeepers, the Cape Town-based company has the knowledge and experience to provide you with exactly what you need when it comes to virtual servers, backup services, private cloud, and other hosting services.

For more information on the services and features offered, visit or call them on +27 21 556 9999.

This article was published in partnership with DataKeepers.

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Are you prepared for a data disaster?