Poynting – Quick to develop on customer demand

Servicing customers across the globe, Poynting’s culture of innovation and problem-solving swiftly delivers the most robust and effective antenna solutions on the market.

Poynting prides itself in its efficiency, productivity, and flexibility, which allows the company to quickly develop prototypes on individual demand.

They have a culture of listening to the market needs, local and internationally, and quickly responding with a product that meets the requirement and exceeds the performance of many of their competitors.

As there is less “red tape”, Poynting is highly agile and prioritises its customers’ requirements – determined to produce the best solutions.

Testing, performance accuracy, and quantification

Poynting has an R&D team that designs and ensures that they manufacture the best performing and best quality products.

From conceptual computerised modelling, 3D prototypes, and iterative performance testing with their in-house anechoic RF test chamber, Poynting is quick to develop unique and mainstream solutions.

Their test facility in Midrand includes a custom-designed and manufactured anechoic chamber that allows testing from 450MHz to 5GHz.

This provides the engineers instant validation of their designs and also provides the opportunity to optimise their designs.

The industrial design of the antenna products is performed by specialists in the same R&D team.

Special care is taken with the product aesthetics, with an emphasis on environmental aspects, such as weatherproofing, IP (water and dust protection) certification, UV protection, product strength, and quality assurance.

Antenna performance is not easily quantified by end-users – where the antenna is often the afterthought – but in fact it is one of the most critical parts of a communications system.

Integrating a good quality antenna to a system enables the end user or commercial device to perform as it was meant to.

For more information, visit Poynting.tech.

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Poynting – Quick to develop on customer demand