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Bitmart opens Africa’s first retail store

Talk the crypto talk, and now you can walk the crypto walk in exclusive Bitcoin and cryptocurrency merchandise. Bitmart, the biggest suppliers of mining hardware in South Africa, is excited to announce the official opening of its retail store. This is a first for Africa!

If you are a die-hard cryptocurrency enthusiast, it’s time to gear up in exclusive Bitcoin and cryptocurrency merchandise.

Africa’s first Bitcoin & cryptocurrency retail store

Bitmart is breaking barriers by claiming to open the first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency retail store in Africa. The store will stock exciting cryptocurrency merchandise, such as Cryptomatic watches, t-shirts, caps, graphics cards, motherboards, hardware wallets, mining rigs, and more. Bitmart is said to be creating a cryptocurrency hub and boasts a specialised Bitcoin ATM from which one can conveniently do transactions. Pop in for a cup of coffee or shop online. We accept Cash, EFT, Credit Cards and all major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin as payment.

Who we are

Bitmart has been the leading Bitcoin mining hardware supplier in South Africa since 2015. The company, which is run on a tight schedule by CEO Jacques Serfontein and a team of crypto professionals, supplies miners to almost every corner of the globe. The Bitmart brand is a favourite amongst the crypto communities in Japan, Canada, Sri Lanka, North America, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New Zealand, Australia, England, and Europe. Other speciality services include GPU Mining Rigs and GPU mining hardware components, GPU Rig mining software, and an international mining rig monitor app. Bitmart’s GPU Rigs can be used to mine Ethereum, ZCash, Monero, Electroneum, and Bitcoin Gold to name but a few.

Bitmart specialises in advanced Bitcoin mining farm development and deployment, mining hardware, informative seminars, containerised mining solutions, and large-scale deployment and supply. Bitmart is also suppliers of the Genesis Hive Mining Farm Management Software.

Bitmart is the official distributor for Avalon Miners in Africa as well as Ledger Wallets, Trezors, KeepKey, the Genesis Hive, Bowhead Health Blockchain-based Wellness products, and UniSat – Satellite mining solutions.

Get involved

The Bitmart office, which is situated in the heart of Mbombela, is any crypto holder’s dream come true as it attracts fellow crypto enthusiasts and members from the mining community to interact and share ideas.

You can get involved by joining upcoming seminars on topics such as “Basics to Bitcoin” and “Advanced cryptocurrency trading” that will be held in both Mbombela and Johannesburg. With like-minded businessmen like Uniwisp’s Desmond Cogill and Marius Botha on board, you can be sure that you will feel like part of the Bitmart crypto community. Uniwisp is Bitmart’s ICT, Data, and Connection partner, and the pair will be launching a satellite mining connection that will enable mining machines to mine from anywhere in the world thanks to its satellite link. This is next level!

Whilst the whole world is talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it is important to get involved with a reputable company who can teach you all the ins and outs of the industry. It is recommended that in order to minimise risk, one should own their hardware and not invest with a third-party platform that promises big gains.

Potential investors are flooded by claims of quick profits if they invest with specific traders or companies, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Bitmart makes it easy for anyone to enter the cryptocurrency market. Bitmart offers a plug and play solution when you buy a certified miner from Bitmart. You will receive training, support, and after-sales service. One can expect an average monthly return on mining of 6 – 15% before associated data and power costs.

The company goes a step further and provides customers with an app that allows you to manage your miner, a dashboard for quick access to exchanges and trading information as well as Bitmart’s very own GPU mining rig software. Don’t break your head about the technology – Bitmart will help you get settled in in no time.

Bitmart also offers a Shepherd Service that will protect parties who wish to buy second-hand miners. The machine will be tested to ensure it performs optimally, and Bitmart’s friendly staff will see to a smooth transaction taking place between buyer and seller. Bitmart can even help businesses put systems in place to accept Bitcoin as payment for services or products.

Setting the record straight

The fast-pace world of cryptocurrencies is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires investors to understand how the industry works so that they can make informed decisions. It is important to speak to professionals about the risks associated with the industry and what is the best way to grow your money. Setting up mining machines require electricity, internet, and a cooling or ventilation system. Bitmart can help you with a proper set-up for your mining machines and a full mining farm deployment solution. Mining cryptocurrencies is a safe and secure way to ensure a passive income of crypto coins. Bitcoin is a world currency and can easily be influenced by world events. Remember to never panic sell or do emotional buying.

Bitcoin is not a bubble or ponzi scheme. When comparing Bitcoin’s value to that of other fiat currencies, it becomes clear that Bitcoin is still undervalued. Bitcoin is accessible to everyone who has a laptop, PC, tablet, or smart phone as you can easily buy cryptocurrencies and keep it in a wallet app.

Due to Bitcoin’s open ledger, it is not a tool for criminals to abuse. If a person linked their wallet address to their FICA details on an exchange, they can be traced. Thanks to Bitcoin’s secure and advanced blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are becoming the currency of the future.

Bitmart is rubbing shoulders with industry leaders on a daily basis and recently joined cryptocurrency superstars like John McAfee on the second annual Blockchain Cruise that took place in Singapore. Meeting with more than 650 cryptocurrency enthusiasts, retailers, investors and analysts, Bitmart is staying on top of its game.

In conclusion, whether you are interested in mining, trading, arbitration, or smart contracts, Bitmart welcomes you to the dynamic and profitable world of cryptocurrencies.

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Bitmart opens Africa’s first retail store