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How Corning redefines data centre and LAN innovations for enterprise networks

Datanet, an authorised and exclusive distributor for leading local and international brands, has introduced Corning Incorporated products to the South African market, which include a range of industry-leading products for enterprise networks.

With a 166-year track record of life-changing inventions, Corning creates and makes keystone components that enable high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications, automotive, and life sciences.

These include damage-resistant cover glass for mobile devices, precision glass for advanced displays, optical fibre, wireless technologies, connectivity solutions for state-of-the-art communications networks, trusted products to accelerate drug discovery and delivery, and clean-air technologies for cars and trucks.

As part of their broad spectrum of industry-leading solutions, Corning offers Local Area Network (LAN) solutions as well as leading solutions for Data Centres.

Data centre solutions

Corning aims to redefine innovation with their never-ending drive to solve customers’ connectivity challenges. Subsequently, the company aims to continually enrich their solutions for data centres.

As a result of this approach, Corning won the ‘Data Centre Cabling Product of the Year’ award for the fifth consecutive year at the Data Centre Solutions (DCS) Awards in 2017.

In 2017, Corning was awarded the title for its EDGE8 solution.

The EDGE8 solution is the industry’s first modular, tip-to-tip fibre optical cabling system to feature an 8-fiber (base-8) cabling design that maximises per-rack-unit density for better network scalability and improved link performance.

Since its launch, the EDGE8 solution has evolved to provide even greater flexibility in high-speed deployments.

Corning data centre solutions also include a range of pre-terminated fibre optical cabling systems, which consist of fibre optical trunks, harnesses, modules, housings, and jumpers.

These have been designed to help improve data centre services, reduce expenses, make significantly better use of valuable data centre floor space, and minimise risk.

Additionally, the company offers support for cabling deployment.

Corning offers faster installation times and moves, adds, and changes (MACs), as well as 100% more density than competing pre-terminated systems.  Its solutions are designed for greater flexibility, ease of installation, and an even smaller cable footprint.

LAN Solutions

Corning’s complete line of solutions for every part of a fibre optical local area network, from cables to connectors, and hardware to accessories, is as trusted as its data centre solutions.

LAN solutions that companies can choose from depend on the type of network a company wants to build, and covers:

  • Campus backbones: Connecting various buildings in an organisation to create a LAN that requires robust cabling infrastructure designed for long-term bandwidth.
  • Building backbones: Connecting locations within a building with a focus on ease of access and speed.
  • Horizontal cabling: Providing horizontal cabling solutions for networks facing unprecedented bandwidth and mobility demands.

Corning also sets available LAN tools that assist with seamless integration, which include the Enterprise Networks Bill-of-Materials tool, the Enterprise Networks Core product guide, and a local area networks design checklist.

Corning’s partnership with Datanet

Corning works closely with its premier partners that are skilled and certified, each in different categories.

As such, Corning has an important relationship with Datanet, who has been a major distributor for Corning in South Africa.

Datanet, a division of Pinnacle offers customers a broad range of world-class technology products that are seamlessly delivered across an expansive footprint.

For more information, visit the Datanet website.

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How Corning redefines data centre and LAN innovations for enterprise networks