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Redstor launches seamless, automated cloud backup and archiving

Enterprises typically don’t want to think about backups and archiving – it’s something that should happen automatically, in the background, on every device. Those backups should also be accessible from anywhere, from any device, and on any operating system.

Redstor, an international SaaS specialist, has unveiled a unique archiving service – Redstor Pro Archiving – as the latest addition to its complete data management platform to simplify archiving for businesses.

“Since 2000, the relevance of data is changing. It has become intrinsically valuable, and it is now on the move – available on mobile devices, desktops, and laptops,” says Paul Evans, Redstor CEO. “Businesses need complete visibility of this fragmented, unstructured data, and Redstor Pro Archiving offers that along with complete control from a single dashboard.”

Seamless Archiving-as-a-Service

Unlike traditional archiving technologies, Redstor’s service ensures archived data is instantly available for any purpose, including compliance and regulatory requests. Redstor’s service also allows access to data archived in the cloud as if it was stored locally on primary storage.

“We recently introduced InstantData, our streaming, on-demand backup service, and Redstor Pro Archiving features this technology as well,” says Danie Marais, Director of Product Management at Redstor. “To the user, it looks as if all their data still exists in folders on their laptop or PC where they’ve saved it. You get the ease of local access with data being retrieved from the cloud behind the scenes.”

Redstor’s ground-breaking InstantData technology gives high-speed access to the archived data so users can work on what they need straight way. There’s no need to wait for the whole file to be retrieved, as the bits of each file are prioritised as they are needed.

Freeing up space

For organisations dealing with multiple terabytes of data, Pro Archiving also offers the ability to free up space on their costly primary storage by offloading rarely-accessed data to the cloud. This offers significant savings, as organisations can keep their existing storage assets productive for longer and migrate large volumes of data to a lower-cost platform.

“InstantData helps you to free up local disk space by identifying which files are ROT – redundant, obsolete, or trivial,” says Marais. “IT administrators typically don’t want to make decisions about what data to delete, so our archiving solution unburdens them and takes care of the ROT files automatically.”

The service allows end users to strengthen their data protection and management processes and provides peace of mind that data is always available and securely protected. Redstor’s archiving service is automated and policy-driven, minimising management time and effort, thus enabling IT staff to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

Locally developed

Redstor’ products, including Pro Archiving, are developed in Cape Town and Redstor has sales partners and support in both South Africa and the UK. This offers an additional benefit to South African clients, who can get local support – even in Afrikaans – if needed.

“We are the people behind the cloud,” says Marais. “When you call our support lines, you don’t go through to a faceless call centre. You speak to an engineer that knows the software and has immediate access to the development team. As a result, we have a very short feedback loop and are able to release new features every month.”

For 20 years, Redstor has been the data management and security company of choice for organisations looking for a trusted advisor to manage and secure their data.

“This is a South African success story,” says Evans. “Our products are developed in South Africa and are used locally by many blue-chip enterprises, but we also have a strong market in the UK. Large international companies and as many as 10,000 schools in the UK rely on South African software to backup and secure their data.”

Additional services in the pipeline

Redstor’s new archiving service will enable the company to grow its footprint among larger end-user organisations, which is part of a company-wide expansion strategy.

The release of the archiving service furthers Redstor’s vision of enabling organisations to manage all their data in one place, and from a single screen, giving customers the complete package: insight, backup, disaster recovery, and now archiving.

“We’ll be adding to this in coming months, with an intuitive search function being added in May,” says Evans. “This is geared towards POPIA compliance, but it will also allow customers to better manage their unstructured data. If you’re looking for something, the archive will be your single source of truth and will save you from having to search around on scattered devices.”

For more information, visit the Redstor website.

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Redstor launches seamless, automated cloud backup and archiving