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Your company’s technology needs: Here’s your secret weapon

Are you considering your company’s future product roadmap and how technology fits? Perhaps you will want to read and make note of details from Plantronics’ recently updated workforce research before you have your next planning meeting.

Summarized partially in a this blog, it is key to not only understand your customers, but to think about your own team members and the style in which they work today.

After all, we are all human, we all work and we all work differently. You cannot put any one person into a box, but you can carefully consider workstyle and technology challenges to deliver the most relevant workstyle equipment to a more mobile workforce.

In 2013, the team at Plantronics conducted a study alongside circa 2000 knowledge workers based in the US, France and Germany.

The purpose of the study was to not only to stay aware of workforce technology trends but to understand better how different people work daily. The research effectively influenced future product development, marketing, messaging and customer engagement.

Fast forward to 2017, recognizing that the ways of working have changed rapidly over the last 5 years, the study was refreshed to include nearly double the original sample size and added in a few more core markets.

Plantronics wanted to further understand what has changed in the fast moving connected digital world, especially considering the adoption of UC technology and Millennials joining the workforce (a group that’s grown from 12% of the workforce in 2013 to nearly 50% across some market segments in 2017).

A few interesting themes came to light because of the new research. Eight different worker types were identified, six of which map directly to demographic groups appearing in the original findings. Two new segments were identified, reflecting the adoption of modern workplace and technology concepts such as smarter working.

One notable point within the refreshed research suggests that Millennials exist in each one of the eight types of workers. Specifically, they are primarily found in the three most mobile, flexible personas: Office Collaborator, Flexible Worker and Connected Executive.

Another key finding is that ambient noise was cited across every worker type range sampled as one of the top three negative aspects in the workplace!

Plantronics knows the effects of noise in the workplace and has designed audio solutions to reduce noise distractions for many years, but the trend towards open office environments in some markets brings a solid pattern to light yet again.

As the results suggest, an office-based-only approach to collaboration is no longer the only option to consider because today’s workforce has a variety of needs, depending on team member roles, locations, activities and preferences.

Of course, the differences in ages might influence certain preferences over others, but the way we work and where we work every single day is an important factor.

Levels of comfort were also studied and it is suggested that not only does better technology influence the working day, but being comfortable helps, too.

It seems obvious, but being able to better personalize technology such as having headsets designed for comfort and being able to control application settings while collaborating in a more mobile world is an increasingly important need.

How does your organization compare? Do you understand how to support your increasingly “always moving” team members?

Even if Millennials are naturally more in tune with new technologies than other demographic groups, this doesn’t mean that they are the only group interested in more productivity and flexible work.

No matter if the employee was born in 1985 or 1955, today’s workforce should be equipped with the right technology to enable their most seamless productivity, regardless of whether they work in the office or on the road.

To get more information, check out the recent blog.

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Your company’s technology needs: Here’s your secret weapon