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Optimise your business – Get a free office assessment

Nashua is offering a free, no-obligation office assessment to advise businesses on how to improve operational efficiency and minimise wastage and costs. As part of the assessment, Nashua’s team considers the equipment, software, and processes of a business, recommending relevant solutions to save businesses both time and money.

“These assessments are very beneficial, because often companies don’t realise just how inefficient they are until we point out how much time and money we can potentially save them through our various solutions,” says Stefan Stander, Nashua Winelands Managing Director.

Nashua’s solutions have evolved considerably since it opened its doors in 1973, progressing from selling simple black and white copy machines to providing services and solutions for total office management – ranging from devices, data and document management, to servers, staplers and CCTV solutions.

“Many businesses don’t realise how vast our product range is, so doing an office assessment gives us the opportunity to establish what the potential needs of a company might be and to identify the opportunities where we can assist,” adds JP Du Toit, Nashua Maritzburg Sales Director.

What Nashua’s Free Office Assessment entails

As part of Nashua’s Free Office Assessment, a team of consultants assess various aspects of a customer’s business and put together a full proposal detailing how efficiency can be increased, costs can be reduced, and wastage can be minimised across the board. During an assessment, Nashua will consider the following:

  • Fibre: Fibre forms the backbone of Nashua’s data and voice solutions, so Nashua’s consultants will assess business connectivity and recommend Nashua’s high-performance fibre solutions if applicable.
  • Surveillance: Nashua offers Hikvision surveillance solutions, with suitable options for any premises – no matter the size, existing infrastructure, or budget.
  • Access control: Nashua offers ViRDI advanced access control solutions, including biometrics, facial recognition, and RF cards for improved convenience and security.
  • PABX and VoIP: Nashua has a full telecommunications team offering PABX and VoIP solutions that can assist businesses in reducing monthly phone bills.
  • PC-as-a-Service: Nashua offers laptop and PC rentals, so that companies can enjoy cutting-edge technology without an upfront capital investment.
  • Office accessories: Nashua provides a full range of office paper, storage media, original and compatible printer cartridges, and stationery.
  • Managed print solutions (MPS): Nashua MPS is a simple, low-cost software solution that lets businesses take control and manage their printers, copiers, and multi-function devices.
  • Total document workflow: Nashua can migrate current workflows to a tailored Managed Document Solution, powered by efficient document workflow management software.
  • Boardroom essentials: To ensure productive and effective meetings, Nashua offers projectors, Parrot interactive whiteboards, and MeetMe video conferencing technology.

“Once we have assessed the company’s needs, and have analysed day-to-day running costs of the business, we build a cost effective end-to-end solution, tailored to the customer’s specific needs. We certainly don’t operate on a one-size-fits-all approach,” says Du Toit.

Implementing a full range of new solutions won’t always make financial sense, however – such as if the business already has certain contracts in place and settlements that need to be considered. “We will never push a solution for the sake of making a sale – instead, we add value where we can and focus on building meaningful and lasting relationships with our customers,” Du Toit adds.

One solution – One account

Nashua is set apart from its competitors due to its ability to offer customers an end-to-end solution – with just a single account to pay.

“We can offer customers everything from fibre, CCTV cameras, access control, PABX hosted in the cloud, PC and laptop upgrades, and even paper and print cartridges – basically we can run their whole office, and we can do this at a single price,” says Stander. “We have found that many of our customers prefer to have a single point of contact – one person that they trust, to call if they need support at any time.”

Nashua is committed to becoming the provider of choice for companies in southern Africa, with its iconic brand promise “Saving you time, saving you money, putting you first” at is very core.

“Our slogan isn’t just a corporate cliché,” concludes Stander. “It is a reality that we live every day.  It’s our business to make our customer’s more productive while saving them money, and putting them first.”

For more information, and to book your free, no-obligation office assessment, visit the Nashua website.

This article was published in partnership with Nashua.

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Optimise your business – Get a free office assessment