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Secure your Internet connection from top to bottom with LucidView Enforcer

The Internet has become a vital part of everyday life and is difficult to live without.

The problem, however, is that as the Internet has become integral in our day-to-day work and personal tasks, it has opened the way for dangers – such as cybercrime, piracy, illegal gambling, and pornography – which negatively impact lives and businesses.

With this in mind, LucidView, a leading provider of remote network management and intelligent cybersecurity analysis tools, has launched the LucidView Enforcer for a clean and safe Internet experience for homes and SMEs.

We took a look at the LucidView Enforcer and tested it for ease of set-up and configuration, content filtering, ransomware protection and detection, and bandwidth sharing. This is what we found.

Set-up and configuration

Setting up and installing the Enforcer is straightforward. The Enforcer attaches to an existing network by connecting to a router via an Ethernet cable and functioning as an access point.

Both wireless and wired connections to the Enforcer are supported, and it has its own SSID and security key for wireless connections.

Once the device has been set up and the LucidView Enforcer setup page has been visited, a user can get started implementing its many features.

We connected to the device using a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and were able to access the Internet immediately.

Technical Features

Content control

A standout feature of the LucidView Enforcer is its browsing content filtering and category blocking abilities, which block certain websites.

The category blocking feature worked flawlessly when we tested it and no device connected to the Enforcer could bypass its blacklist.

After specifically blacklisting Reddit as part of the test, we were unable to access the domain at all and were met with connection errors whenever we tried.

To further filter content, users can enable a Google or YouTube safe search feature – which re-browses content to filter the results on Google or YouTube explicitly.

Ransomware protection and detection

Besides being a top solution for content filtering, the LucidView Enforcer is also powerful from a security perspective, as it blocks proxy and unblocker websites by default, making it impossible to circumvent the security without authorisation.

Using these powerful features, users can protect their networks from attacks and misuse while automatically monitoring all suspicious and unusual traffic on a per-device basis.

Torrent management, visibility, and reporting

The LucidView Enforcer also gives users a transparent view of their internal network thanks to its detailed reporting system, and allows administrators to easily identify and resolve any problems.

Through usage reporting, the network owner receives insight into how much time or bandwidth is being spent on which sites and online activities on which devices, allowing a user to manage bandwidth more effectively.

Equal bandwidth availability

Another great weapon in the LucidView Enforcer’s arsenal is the ability to share bandwidth equally on any given network through a feature called Fair Share.

This feature is ideal for users who want and need a consistent, low-latency connection, without impacting someone else’s Netflix or YouTube streaming, as the sharing ratios are easily configurable.

Why the LucidView Enforcer should be your next buy

The reason the LucidView Enforcer is an ideal solution for businesses, schools, and homes, is that it offers users access to a cleaner Internet, which can be tailored to the user’s definition.

This combination of a powerful content filter, reporting, and the Fair Share feature makes the LucidView Enforcer an appealing device for a wide variety of users.

According to Andrew Wilson, CEO of LucidView, good content filtering can be expensive, which is why LucidView has designed this affordable solution.

Most of all, it is not a new ISP or a new router – for installation it’s simply added to an existing Internet connection, giving the user a new Wi-Fi point.

The device comes in different sizes and starts at a 20-user capacity – ranging up to a 500-user capacity. With purchase, users receive a one-year licence, after which there will be an annual licence renewal.

The LucidView Enforcer is available from Takealot for R1,440.

For more information, visit the LucidView website.

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Secure your Internet connection from top to bottom with LucidView Enforcer