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APN-as-a-service – How to access massive savings on your mobile data spend

Conor Solutions said customers on its APN service have seen huge savings and continue to migrate their users onto the platform.

“Our customers can expect an immediate saving of 20% just by moving to our platform.”

This is not a sales pitch, but a simple fact – and a measurable benefit of using Conor Solutions’ APN-as-a-service platform.

Conor Solutions, a proudly South African company based in Gauteng, said customers on its APN service have seen huge savings and continue to migrate their users onto the platform.

A real-world example of this is a Conor Solutions customer in the retail sector which is saving R162,000 per month since using the APN platform – a R1.9 million saving per year.

“In this scenario, it equates to a 24% saving on their previous bill, and they only have a third of their users on the platform at the moment,” said Deon Hattingh, Head of Data Management Solutions at Conor Solutions.

How it works

The thought of provisioning a new APN may sound daunting, but the Conor Solutions platform makes the process quick and easy – and clients will start seeing immediate savings. Conor’s platform aims to address the biggest issues with APN management, namely visibility, control and predictability of data spend.

A customer can terminate any existing APN on the platform or use the Conor APN in which case you only need to provision the APN on existing SIM cards and change their default APN on the device.

“From there, the data consumption is managed by our platform and updated every 60 seconds. The customer now has a real time view of data consumed across the organisation,” said Hattingh.

“Users and managers are alerted when data allocations are reached or exceeded, and SIMs are locked immediately when a quota is reached, effectively eliminating out of bundle spend.” This gives the client the ability to decide when, or if, more data should be allocated to users. If more data is needed, administrators can do a one-time top-up, or permanently increase user quota via the management interface with a few clicks.

“Our solution not only addresses out-of-bundle spend for customers with existing APNs directly, but also provides APN-as-a-service to business customers without the expertise to either provision or run their own APN infrastructure,” said Hattingh.

Another excellent aspect of the APN platform is its constant and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, which provide clients with “visibility and predictability in terms of expected mobile data costs”.

The platform provides near-real-time session and data usage status (updated every 60 seconds), detailed reporting and analytics of data usage, notification and alert functionality, granular policy and profile management, access control, and audit capabilities.


With many enterprises managing thousands of devices, a move to a new platform must always take security into account.

Conor Solutions has this covered and not only are its systems highly-secure, its APN service prevents user devices being exposed to the open Internet. Exposing devices and company systems to the Internet can be risky and leave them open to attack, and the APN platform allows a client to decide what its mobile user base can or can’t access, with a content aware managed firewall service.


“We provide all this in a local cloud environment, directly integrated with the mobile operator, and provide the ability to cut off a SIM going out of bundle within 60 seconds of reaching its specified quota,” said Hattingh.

“In addition, our solution does not require any interaction with the mobile operator billing systems or 3rd party billing records for effective data management and, where required, we will liaise with the mobile operator leaving the customer to focus on their core business.”

“Our solutions are deployed in operator networks in 11 countries and our solutions service over 80 million mobile subscribers daily across our customer base.”

To find out more, visit Conor Solutions or contact [email protected].

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APN-as-a-service – How to access massive savings on your mobile data spend