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SATEC VisitMe app – Simpler smartphone-based access control

SA Technologies (SATEC) has launched the SATEC VisitMe app, which makes it easier for estate residents to pre-clear visitors.

VisitME is a visitor management system that records the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provides documentation of visitors’ whereabouts.

“Our app has been designed to ensure that any user with a smartphone would be able to pre-book a visitor and forward the booking code to his visitor electronically,” said Francois Geyser, SATEC Managing Director.

“There are no costly SMS or HOA invoices that need to be paid at the end of the month. There is also no paper trail, as all records are stored electronically.”

How it works

The user-friendly app allows residents to request a PIN code by selecting the visitor from their phonebook.

A PIN code is generated within the app and can be shared via WhatsApp, SMS, or email. A WhatsApp share location link is also included in the message to help direct visitors.

The resident will receive a notification when the visitor enters and leaves the premises. Notifications are stored within the app with basic personal information like name, surname, and a photo of the visitor.

Residents also receive real-time notifications for unannounced visitors, and are able to grant access via their smartphones without receiving a phone call from a guard or access control office.


The complete system is available for R999 per scanner per month, which includes the device, the SLAs, repair costs on devices (T&Cs apply), data costs, hosting fees, and the VisitMe SmartApp for all residents. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

“By capturing the vehicle and visitor details with a scanner, the homeowners association and the resident will know who has entered and exited the site with a time and date stamp,” said Geyser.

“Onsite validation also ensures that the driver and vehicle information matches on exit – otherwise the guard is notified before raising the boom.”

This gives estate or complex residents absolute control over their visitors, delivery companies, and contractors.

For more information, visit the SATEC website.

This article was published in partnership with SA Technologies.

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SATEC VisitMe app – Simpler smartphone-based access control