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Fortinet integrates with Carbon Black to provide next-gen endpoint security

Networks Unlimited is currently the exclusive distributor for Carbon Black in South Africa and surrounding countries, and is promoting Carbon Black technologies via their channel partners.

Carbon Black’s suite of best-in-class endpoint security solutions help companies to detect, prevent, and respond to the most advanced cyberattacks.

Integrating Carbon Black Enterprise Protection with Networks Unlimited’s vendor Fortinet’s FortiSandbox solution delivers a certified and independently top-rated advanced threat protection solution from the network edge through endpoints and servers.

The rise of non-malware attacks

According to the Carbon Black 2017 Threat Report, non-malware attacks are on the rise, as 47% of attacks use malware, while 53% of attacks use non-malware.

With this in mind, companies need to move from legacy methods and traditional systems to advanced threat detection methods to keep up with these progressive attacks.

Legacy antivirus (AV) is failing and only works some of the time due to poor visibility. There are many new variants of malicious code – viruses, malware, ransomware – and essentially AV vendors can’t keep up with the number of new signatures required to go into those backfiles, which are growing exponentially.

Moreover, legacy AV doesn’t tell the customer how the attacks breached the threshold.

Carbon Black, together with Fortinet, has positioned themselves to stop the next-generation threats in way that it is still easy for a customer to manage, maintain, and integrate with other applications, while giving customers full visibility.

“For a long time, we’ve used legacy technologies to mitigate and detect security breaches – but now we’re looking at a few things we need to change – one of the key things is looking beyond simple files,” said Jim Raine, Director of Technology Alliances, Carbon Black.

Fortinet and Carbon Black’s coalition helps companies share their endpoint data with network entities, which can be shared with a SOC for a holistic picture of the entire environment – both on and off-premise, in order to ensure a better security posture for the end-user.

Defence, response, and protection

According to Sam Linford, EMEA regional sales director of Carbon Black UK, enterprises must be able to prevent non-malware attacks and be able to detect and respond to attacks, and can only do so with full visibility.

Linford explained that to do this Carbon Black divides their Enterprise protection solution into three different types of technology – defence, response, and protection.

  • Defence: Cb Defence is a fully cloud-based antivirus technology with streaming prevention, offering next-generation antivirus and endpoint detection response (EDR) .
  • Response: Carbon Black’s pure-play endpoint detection response technology built into Cb Defence, so customers don’t only have automated threat prevention but also have visibility, which is critical to stop attacks. It offers IR and threat-hunting for SOC teams.
  • Protection: Cb Protection offers application control for servers and critical systems.

Carbon Black Enterprise Protection for Fortinet FortiSandbox

The integration of Carbon Black’s Cb Enterprise Protection within Fortinet ATP increases efficiency and response time to previously unknown threats – reducing the risk of lost data and business continuity – by prioritising high-risk alerts while filtering out non-actionable events.

Specifically, when Fortinet FortiSandbox detects previously unknown malware on the network (in sniffer, on-demand, or integrated mode together with FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiWeb, or FortiClient), Cb Enterprise Protection automatically confirms the location, scope, and severity of the threat on endpoints and servers. And it can also be configured to take immediate automated or operator-assisted response actions.

The powerful combination of Carbon Black and Fortinet endpoint and network security solves four key security challenges: analysis, prioritisation, investigation, and remediation

For more information, visit the Networks Unlimited website.

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Fortinet integrates with Carbon Black to provide next-gen endpoint security