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Top video and photographic gear at Cine Photo Tools

Looking for the latest photographic and film equipment?

Whether you’re a novice or a professional, take a look at some of the next-level tech available at Cine Photo Tools.

EIZO Monitors

Eizo is best known for producing quality professional monitors perfect for gaming, graphic design, 3D, image/video editing and more.

Their professional colour-accurate 4K monitors, the CG318-4K and CG248-4K, are designed for high-end editing and workflow.

Most recently, Eizo has released a range of HDR DCI-4K monitors such as the CG319X and the Prominence, a 4096 x 2160 HDR monitor with no ABL or Local Dimming.

TETHER TOOLS Case Air and USB C Cables

USB-C will soon become the backbone of digital workflow. Tether Tools has just released a USB-C cable, so now you can ditch the adapters.

Tether Tools has the biggest line of tethering solutions for all major brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Hasselblad, Phase One and Panasonic.

The Case Air allows you to wirelessly control your camera with your smartphone, tablet or computer and transfers images instantly.

HYPER Power Solutions  

Hyper has a variety of external batteries ranging from a heavy-duty 222WH to a flight-friendly 100WH.

Their Ultimate USB-C Hub allows you to turn a single USB-C connection into 11 ports including USB 3.1, MicroSD, VGA, HDMI, and Ethernet.

RED Digital Cinema WEAPON with MONSTRO VV 8K Sensor and Gemini 5K S35 Sensor

RED’s top of the range WEAPON now comes with the option of a MONSTRO 8K VV sensor.

With its blazing-fast 300 MB/s data rates, a sensor size of 40.96 mm x 21.60 mm, the MONSTRO produces enhanced image quality with greater colour accuracy, dynamic range and shadow detail.

The new GEMINI 5K S35 sensor for the RED EPIC-W camera leverages dual sensitivity modes to provide creators with greater flexibility for a variety of shooting environments, including a Standard Mode for well-lit conditions or Low Light Mode for darker environments.

SONY Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

Sony is making waves in the photo and video industries with their powerful mirrorless cameras recognised for their high resolution, quick autofocus, and brilliant video capabilities.

From their entry-level A7 III to professional 42.2MP A7R III, Sony is dominating the market.

SAVAGE UNIVERSAL Seamless Paper Backdrops

Paper Backdrops provide an inexpensive and convenient way to achieve creative diversity.

They are easily interchangeable to achieve different looks and feels. There is no problem getting the exact colour, and no surprises or permanency.

BRONCOLOR Siros L and FT System

This Swiss lighting company is best known in the photographic industry for their quality and colour consistency.

broncolor’s Siros L portable battery powered monolights include some of the technologies found in their high-end products.

broncolor’s FT system is a flexible, focusable continuous lighting system with heat resistant para reflectors perfect for video shoots.

KINO FLO FreeStyles and Celebs

Use a Kino Flo as a key light, a backlight, a fill light, and more. These soft light LED fixtures are as functional as they are versatile.

The FreeStyle LEDs use a quick-release system to remove the LED panel from its housing to be mounted anywhere.

Kino Flo’s heat management design, True Match® Colour-Correct technology and energy efficiency puts them ahead of the game.

Their LEDs include three Light menus: one white and two colours, including gel pre-sets and individual RGB control.

CANON EOS 5D Mark IV and EOS C700 FF Cinema Camera

Canon is well known for their quality stills and cinema cameras.

The Canon EOS 5D markIV has a full-frame, 30.4MP CMOS sensor capable of capturing 6720×4480 stills as well as 4K footage.

The 61-point AF system allows you to detect, track and capture high-speed subjects even in its 7fps burst mode for ultimate action shots.

The updated EOS C700 is now equipped with a 5.9K Full Frame sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range and a native resolution of 5952 x 3140 pixels. The camera is equipped with three Digic DV5 processors.


The award winning D850 is a blend of speed and resolution, with a 45.7MP sensor and unprecedented combination of resolution, dynamic range, ISO and processing power.

Other features include: dual card slots, illuminated buttons, focus stacking, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a tilting, 3.2-inch touchscreen, radio flash control high-speed, and a high-precision 153-point AF system.

All products mentioned are available for purchase at Cine Photo Tools. For more information visit the Cine Photo Tools Website.

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Top video and photographic gear at Cine Photo Tools