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Stay competitive – Upskill to advance your career

IT professionals who intend to remain relevant in today’s competitive work environment must constantly learn and upskill.

A report by PwC identified a shortage of skills as one of the biggest challenges facing South African companies. The World Economic Forum also estimates that by 2020, over a third of core skills in most occupations will be comprised of skills that aren’t considered critical today.

The exploding growth of digital technologies means that new skills are being created faster than they can be acquired on the job, so formal upskilling is essential for IT professionals.

Why upskilling is so important

Individuals who develop in-demand skills will not only remain ahead in their industries, but can also increase their salaries by as much as a third, according to a report by Jigsaw Academy and Analytics Vidhya.

Upskilling also enables professionals to add more value to the companies they work for and future-proof their careers as artificial intelligence and automation threaten to affect up to 60% of jobs.

According to a study by Randstad’s Workmonitor, however, while 90% of professionals believe that upskilling is essential, over a third have done nothing towards acquiring new skills in the past 12 months.

One of the biggest concerns cited by professionals is a lack of time to attend formal classes. People don’t have time to be away from work for three to five days, not to mention two weeks, for training. There is the expectation that training will be both tedious and intrusive on at least a portion of their personal time.

The future of upskilling

To address these concerns, many tertiary educational institutions have now offer reasonably-priced online training modules to IT professionals. Evidence has shown that online learning can be just as effective as face-to-face education, and these courses are reputable and professionally presented.

Damelin Online, for example, offers a range of affordable and premium diploma courses and short courses to ensure that professionals receive the qualifications they need to elevate their careers. Damelin Online also offers Academic Advising Centre (AAC) support to encourage learning and promote an enjoyable tertiary study experience.

Damelin Online’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) ensure that course material is always up to date. With their firm handle on current industry knowledge and exposure to the working world, the online courses that the SMEs design are of an excellent and relevant standard.

Whether interested in the fundamentals of cyber security or in learning JavaScript, Damelin Online’s courses have been designed with busy professionals in mind. Being online, those looking to upskill can enrol and start at any time, can pause when needed, and can study from anywhere in the world. This affords professionals the freedom to expand their knowledge and skills at their own convenience.

For more information, visit the Damelin Online website.

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Stay competitive – Upskill to advance your career