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3 easy and affordable business growth hacks

Let’s imagine that you’ve recently launched your own company. Business is decent; the lights are on, employees are being paid on time, and clients seem satisfied. How do you take all this up a notch to the next level though? How for example, do you expand your reach, push up your margins, and ensure an upward trajectory to success? Moreover, how do you do all this without committing too many resources and/or breaking the bank?

None of these questions are easy to answer unfortunately, because running a company is fraught with uncertainty and unknowns. There are several easy and affordable growth hacks that can give your business a boost in the right direction. All you need for any of the following to be applicable is a reliable Internet connection.

Start communicating with VoIP

No matter how big or small a company, chances are it will see benefits if it adopts a communication solution that’s both flexible and affordable. VoIP is the perfect answer in that regard.

VoIP products have many positives; mobility, reduced costs, increased reliability and uptime to name a few. Not only that, if your business ever expands or changes due to potentially unforeseen circumstances, upsizing or adapting your solution can be done speedily and with minimal hassle. Imagine the admin of laying or dealing with traditional copper cables, gone. VoIP offers flexible, crystal clear communication channels, at more affordable prices.

Pull your business into the cloud

Slow Internet speeds in South Africa in the past meant that cloud solutions were unviable. Thanks to steady increases and improvements over the past few years, these doors are now opening to businesses.

With regards to growing companies, one of the cloud’s biggest benefits is that it provides flexibility. Find that your organisation’s data requirements are expanding at a rate you hadn’t anticipated? With a cloud solution, there’s no longer the need to upsize your internal hardware or exhaust your IT budget. Business owners can take everything into the cloud, which besides being able to store all your precious files, offers security and backup benefits too.

Unleash your internet speed

Connectivity itself is crucial to the functionality of any modern day business, but one factor that many seem to overlook is its speed. Regardless of what service or product your company offers, chances are its internal processes can be drastically improved by bumping up the Internet speed.

Think about what we’ve just said – the cloud – a faster Internet connection will allow far more efficiency. Not only that, having increased speed at your fingertips improves overall productivity. How many times have you had to go make a cup of coffee for example, while you wait for a huge file to transfer, or an email with a large attachment to download? A faster connection makes that sort of problem something of the past.

Be the catalyst in boosting your business

Are any of these scenarios applicable to you and your new business? If so, you definitely should consider implementing at least one of these growth hacks. Any, or all of these, could be the very jumpstart your business needs to evolve into something bigger and better.

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3 easy and affordable business growth hacks