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WTTx could help bring wireless broadband to every home in Africa

Wireless to the X (WTTx) is reshaping home broadband deployment, becoming an essential technology to provide universal connectivity through fixed wireless access.

Research Company Ovum predicts that by 2020, WTTx services have the potential to reach almost 350 million homes worldwide and has the most potential to increase fixed broadband market penetration in emerging markets.

“If we look at the global trends in WTTx deployment as a strategic alternative to Fibre to the Home (FTTH), we also expect that over the next five years, more and more countries with a national broadband plan will use WTTx to provide affordable and universal broadband access to all citizens and businesses,” says David Chen, Director of Marketing & Solution Sales of Huawei Southern Africa Region.

LTE for broadband access

Leveraging nationwide coverage of LTE networks, advanced LTE features like Massive MIMO, and high-performance outdoor CPE, WTTx is one of the most feasible and fastest solution not only to drive business growth for operators, but also to minimise the digital divide and provide broadband services for more people in the world.

LTE still has a long life cycle as a primary technology to provide home broadband access.

As Global carriers prepare to enter the 5G era, Huawei has advocated they act now to incubate new services and build new capabilities in 4.5G networks. Huawei believes governments and regulators can promote the benefits of universal network coverage by providing more practical encouragement and financial stimulus to local mobile operators.

“For African markets where fixed broadband penetration is the lowest and where most users are mobile-first, WTTx is a quick win for mobile operators,” says Chen.

Quick win for carriers and subscribers

Huawei’s E2E WTTx 3.0 solution allows wide network coverage and fast deployment by leveraging existing infrastructure, helping operators to shorten their network deployment time and reduce network construction costs. End users can enjoy a range of high-speed broadband services by simply switching on a plug and play modem.

This also helps reduce the operation and maintenance costs of operators. There is also an E2E suite of business solutions which moves the service beyond the home user such, applications include security monitoring, smart home and backhaul network.

The solution also offers a pre-sales service suite, which helps operators evaluate the potential opportunity for a fixed wireless solution based on aspects such as network capacity trends and coverage gaps in existing FTTx and wire line networks. 

Local success case

In South Africa Huawei supports WTTx deployment among major network operators including Telkom which has seen a notable increase in LTE wireless subscriptions since launching the service in 2014.

“The Telkom case demonstrates that WTTx gives carriers fast access to home broadband markets, allows them to quickly build up their coverage and enable them to offer triple play services,” says Chen.

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WTTx could help bring wireless broadband to every home in Africa