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Calix introduces managed Mesh Wi-Fi for service providers

Today, Wi-Fi is synonymous with the Internet, and subscribers want their Wi-Fi to work with any device in any location throughout their home.

Subscribers who have a poor Wi-Fi experience blame the Internet, and the first person they call is the service provider – even if in many instances you did not provide the router.

Globally, research shows as many as 50% of all support calls to Internet Service providers are Wi-Fi related, which can be a tremendous strain on your support. Just consider how much a 30-minute call can cost your company, and how, in this competitive market, it affects your margins.

Some service providers may try and ignore the problem by telling their customers that Wi-Fi is a best-effort service, alienating subscribers and potentially causing churn.

Proactive service providers have also tried to enhance the Wi-Fi coverage with the use of extenders, Ethernet-over-power devices, and commercial Mesh Wi-Fi Solutions – but these bring their own issues as the service provider has no visibility into the issues affecting the customer’s experience.

For service providers to provide excellent customer satisfaction when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity, they need to be able to not only improve coverage, but also have a means of analysing spectrum usage, interference, and user device type. A fully-managed solution that improves coverage and provides analytics that can be used to solve these issues is also required.

The end to unreliable Wi-Fi and customer frustration

To solve these issues, Calix has spent the last few years developing products that provide relief to subscribers’ problems.

The first of these was the GigaCENTER product line, offering 802.11ac Wi-Fi with 4X4 beam forming antennas with MIMO technology. This is managed by the Calix Cloud Support suit of products that provide a complete set of analytics, giving insight to channel usage – interference, signal strength, and the number and type of devices associated with the Wi-Fi network.

Today, however, a single AP is just not enough to provide the user experience that is demanded by the always-connected, video-consuming subscriber.

To solve this problem Calix is now shipping 804Mesh. The 804Mesh is much more than a normal extender, as Calix leverages the latest standards for roaming and steering, including 802.11k/r/v (Radio Resource Management, Fast Roaming, and Wireless Network Management).

The combination of a GigaCENTER and 804Mesh satellites enables subscribers to receive Gigabit broadband data, IP video, and voice (VoIP) over one integrated system.

Using the latest 802.11ac 5GHz technology – incorporating 4×4 Multi-User Multi-Input and Multi-Output (MU-MIMO) with beamforming – the 804Mesh satellite allows service providers to extend the Wi-Fi network inside the home and cover strategic locations for the delivery and control of broadband services.

When the GigaCENTER and 804Mesh are coupled with Calix Cloud Services, service providers not only provide a superior Wi-Fi experience, but reduce operational costs by autonomously monitoring the access network and proactively solving issues before the customer even sees them.

This allows services providers to deliver a superior Wi-Fi experience, open new revenue streams, and differentiate themselves from their competition.

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Calix introduces managed Mesh Wi-Fi for service providers