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Colour printing gives businesses a competitive edge – Nashua survey

Businesses that print in colour have a competitive edge, according to a recent printing survey by Nashua.

The Nashua Printing Survey questioned 500 South African business professionals about their printing needs, focusing on the relevance of colour printing for their businesses.

While the survey results revealed that businesses perceive colour printing to be more expensive, respondents agreed that it is far more effective and professional in appearance than monochrome printing.

Competitive advantage

Over 72% of survey respondents said that printing in colour creates a more professional impact and enables businesses to stand out from their competition.

This is because colour documents are easier to read and highlight important information better, according to 62% of businesses.

Professionals also indicated that graphs and other graphics are clearer when presented in colour (79%), and sales and marketing efforts are improved using colour documents rather than black and white (63%).

52% of those surveyed added that people are more likely to understand and retain information presented in colour rather than if presented in monochrome.

The cost of colour

Overwhelmingly, 95% of businesses would choose to print in colour rather than monochrome, and 69% of professionals said they preferred to receive colour documents.

However, 97% admitted to believing that colour printing is more expensive than printing in black and white.

As a result, while 77% of business own a colour printer, less than half regularly use it (42%), and just over a third (35%) have restricted access to colour printing.

The remaining 23% of business only have monochrome printers despite acknowledging the value of colour printing for business.

“Over the last few years, we have definitely seen the trend in the South African market moving more towards colour,” said Peilin Zuo, Product Manager MFP – Marketing Nashua. “Customers recognise that colour printing adds value to their business, making their documents more professional and easier to read.

To assist businesses with affordable colour printing, Nashua offers custom pricing options and Managed Document Solutions to determine where workflows can be made better and efficiencies can be achieved. “At Nashua, we believe there is no reason for customers to shy away from purchasing colour multifunctional printers,” concludes Zuo.

For more information about the effect colour printing can have on your business, visit the Nashua website.

This article was published in partnership with Nashua.

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Colour printing gives businesses a competitive edge – Nashua survey