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Get a big discount on a Samsung QLED TV if you own a Galaxy S9 or S9+

From die-hard sports fans who want the best home viewing experience possible, to Netflix lovers enjoying a new series, watching content on a Samsung QLED TV delivers the best picture a user can ask for.

Thanks to its Quantum Dot LED technology, Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV line-up combines high-resolution displays with great contrast ratios and impressive viewing angles.

Watching football on a UHD display with HDR support is the next best thing to watching the game live, and Samsung delivers this high-quality experience with every TV in its QLED range.

Every pass, shot, and fingertip save is portrayed in high-contrast and crystal-clear colours, granting you a whole new perspective on the match.

Samsung for the game

Great value for Galaxy S9 owners

Making the TVs even more attractive is Samsung’s big-discount special on QLED TVs for owners of its high-end Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ owners who don’t yet have one of these impressive displays can get up to R10,000 off their purchase of a Samsung QLED TV.

The promotion will be available until 15 July 2018, and customers can call a dedicated hotline at 0860 726 7864 to determine whether they qualify.

Like the company’s high-end TVs, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones are renowned for their high-quality displays.

Both devices boast 2,960 x 1,440 AMOLED displays with HDR support, which are embedded in a sleek glass panel that curves all the way to the sides of the smartphone.

The two devices were also rated as the best smartphones in 2018, with the Galaxy S9 scoring 81/100 on Consumer Reports.

Users who own either the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ can get major discounts on their purchase of qualifying Samsung QLED TVs, detailed below.

Samsung Qualifying QLED TVs

Samsung QLED features

Samsung’s QLED displays deliver 100% colour volume and great picture quality while retaining a long lifespan and reducing the potential for burn-in.

The TVs consolidate all connected device functionality into a single remote, making it easier to manage your smart home or just control separate devices such as audio players.

Thanks to technologies such as Ultra Black, Q Contrast, and Peak Illuminator, Samsung QLED displays can offer bright, vivid colours in addition to precision black pixels.

This results in a very high contrast ratio, which is how the QLED panel manages to deliver high-quality HDR images and mantain its high motion rate.

Inviting friends over to watch the game no longer needs to be a struggle for the best seat, as Samsung’s Q Viewing Angle technology lets users enjoy the same viewing experience from any angle, making every seat a great seat.

Whether you want to watch world-class sport in the highest detail possible or just enjoy an evening in with Netflix and popcorn, Samsung’s QLED TVs will elevate your viewing experience.

To learn more about Samsung’s QLED TVs, visit the Samsung website.

This article was published in partnership with Samsung.

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Get a big discount on a Samsung QLED TV if you own a Galaxy S9 or S9+