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SITA #NDP2030 Hackathon – Turning ideas into technology solutions

SITA is hosting an intensive hackathon challenge, open to all sectors and all South Africans.

The #NDP2030 Hackathon will call on participants to create innovative and functioning solutions that aim to solve the socio-economic challenges that South Africa faces, as defined in our National Development Plan.

Over a thousand participants will come together to build software solutions, mobile applications, data-centric systems, IoT devices, and more – across three main categories:

  • Code Jam: Innovative software solutions, including mobile applications and web-based solutions.
  • Data-centric: Data insights, data mashups, and data solutions.
  • Internet of Things: Innovative IoT devices that can connect, infer, and act.

It’s not a requirement for participants to have programming, data science, or IoT experience. Participants will be put into small teams, with a mix of skillsets, and mentorship will be provided by SITA as well as other industry partners.

The hackathon will create an environment ripe for the development of concepts that have the opportunity to be realised in the real world and that have the potential to create real change in South Africa.

The #NDP2030 Hackathon will take place during the ITU Telecom World conference, to be held in Durban from 10 to 13 September.

This is an opportunity for private and state-owned companies, students, SMMEs, government, NPOs, and citizens to join hands for a common purpose: to improve the lives of all South African citizens.

How to take part:

The cost of the event is free.

To take part, submit your proposal on the NDP2030 Hackathon website.

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SITA #NDP2030 Hackathon – Turning ideas into technology solutions