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Technomobi launches Mayday sale on their new website

Technomobi has launched their Mayday sale on their new website, offering customers the best deals on a wide range of tech, gadgets, and accessories.

The website upgrade offers customers easier navigation, simpler ordering processes, and overall efficiency to access the Mayday sale and other deals.

It features a fresh look and feel with significant improvements to its functionality, resulting in a faster, slicker, more logical experience that enables users to find content more easily and buy exactly what they need.

Site improvements

  • Servers: By upgrading their servers, Technomobi has been able to expand their capacity for increased web traffic.
  • Site speed: The server upgrade has also contributed to a 20% increase in site speed, allowing pages to load within 2 seconds.
  • Search engine functionality: Upgrades to the site have increased the speed of its search engine functionality, sparing customers the frustration of slow navigation.
  • Ordering: Technomobi’s new streamlined checkout processes mean customers can enjoy easier, better, and faster ordering.
  • Security: The company has improved the site’s overall security by adding additional security overlays to the platform and payment gateways.
  • Selection of brands: The website upgrade has allowed Technomobi to expand their product range and accommodate more brands on the site.
  • More shipping destinations: The online store now offers delivery to more destinations in South Africa, including farms, hospitals, and many rural areas.

According to Brian Rozenkrantz from Technomobi, improved search engine functionality and navigational capabilities were important reasons driving the change for the website.

From experience, Technomobi identified two types of customers on their site and has ensured that the website upgrade benefits both types.

The first type is a customer who knows exactly what they want when they go onto the site.

“They expect to type what they are looking for into the search bar and find exactly that,” said Rozenkrantz. “We think we have eventually got this right, and thankfully, with the new platform, we can continue enhancing and tweaking this functionality.”

The second customer type is a customer who doesn’t yet know what they are looking for on the site and will use the category and product drop-downs as guidance.

“For both these customer groups, we have tried to ensure a seamless experience so they can find what they require in as few steps as possible,” said Rozenkrantz.

More offerings coming soon

Technomobi offers a dedicated call centre, and will soon plug in Vodacom contract and Vodacom upgrade options for a wide range of devices, giving customers options for cash, upgrades, and new contracts.

Technomobi also offers in-house repairs and plans to provide an online service for repairs soon.

By applying their retail knowledge and expertise online, Technomobi aims to become South Africa’s leading all-in-one, one-stop online shop for mobile.

Technomobi takes pride in being a listed Samsung reseller and an approved seller for Takealot, with many products listed on their site.

“Our goal is to ensure quality and customer satisfaction, which is why all products are tested and go through strict approval processes. If it’s not up to standard, it won’t be on the site,” concluded Rozenkrantz.

Mayday Sale

Below is a selection of the amazing Mayday Sale deals on offer.

For more information, visit

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9+ 

Huawei P20 Lite

Apple iPhone 6 32GB – Space Grey 

Huawei Y7 2018 – Black 

Nokia 8 

Intellybox Android Smart TV Box – Black

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 – Black

Samsung Gear Sport – Black

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Technomobi launches Mayday sale on their new website