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Recently revamped Coindirect expands their offering with their new ZAR wallet

The platform that lets you buy, sell, convert and store over 40 cryptocurrencies in over 20 countries has added a new ZAR Wallet feature for their South African user base. This new feature, along with a complete rebranding, is the first in a series of exciting upgrades Coindirect has planned over the coming months.

Coindirect’s recently launched ZAR Wallet allows users to deposit South African rands directly into their Coindirect account. This has now made it even easier to instantly convert between South African rands and Bitcoin within your account. The ZAR Wallet also simplifies the selling process as it offers a convenient solution for withdrawing funds directly into your local bank account. This along with being able to convert BTC to over 40 other cryptocurrencies makes Coindirect the leading solution for South Africans to easily manage multiple crypto assets.

The move gives South African users the freedom to seamlessly convert between their crypto-asset investments and South African rands without needing to go through the process of withdrawing funds out of the platform. This function could prove invaluable for users looking to be on the right side of a fluctuating crypto market.

“The newly released ZAR Wallet feature gives our South African Coindirect users greater flexibility and control over how they choose to move their crypto investments around. We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the way our users are able to experience the platform,” said Jesse Hemson-Struthers, CEO of Coindirect.

Coindirect has been embracing a pattern of continual technical innovation since its launch last year. The team has been focussed on contributing towards a cryptocurrency industry that will not only have longevity, but legal certainty.

Additional features

The ZAR Wallet will work in conjunction with Coindirect’s established peer-to-peer marketplace which is supported in 23 other countries. The marketplace fees are zero for both customers and vendors looking to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

This means that competitive pricing of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum aren’t compromised at all by deductions taken by the platform. Offers can be concluded quickly and securely using the new ZAR Wallet, local bank transfers or PayPal, which is also fully supported on the platform.

In addition, Coindirect’s Coin Convert feature let’s users instantly transfer their bitcoins to any of the 40+ altcoins currently available and vice versa. The conversions happen within the Coindirect platform as it can host free wallets for as many of the supported currencies you choose to hold.

More about Coindirect

The Coindirect platform was built as a global digital currency service provider. It allows customers with any level of experience to safely purchase, store and trade a wide range of crypto-assets, in their local currency.

The platform has been running as a pilot since November and currently has over 20,000 registrations and 4,000 active traders. The exchange is registered with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and enforces strict AML compliance.

Learn more about about how the ZAR Wallet works for South African Coindirect users here.

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Recently revamped Coindirect expands their offering with their new ZAR wallet