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Save thousands of rands every year with Axiz

Axiz is part of the Alviva Holdings Group and has been a trusted IT channel aggregator in Southern Africa for over 30 years.

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme enables true digital transformation for end customers and partners alike.

Microsoft recently announced that any partner or reseller engaging directly with them would see some changes as of 31 August 2018. Those changes include Microsoft enforcing the CSP program guide requirements upon contract renewal. These requirements will include back-to-back technical support from Microsoft to start.

There are two Microsoft support plans companies can choose from. The first is the Microsoft Advanced Support for Partners which starts at USD $15,000 annually. The second support option is Premier Support for Partners, which starts from $50,000 annually. Both options will incur local taxes.

Billing from Microsoft will also be in local currency, with currency conversion rates updated quarterly by Microsoft.

Additionally, companies will need to show that they are capable of providing a minimum of one managed service, an IP service, or a customer solution application together with a secure and solid infrastructure for billing and provisioning.

For many companies, these changes will have a huge impact on their business. Fortunately, Axiz offers AxizCloud for CSP licensing and provision. They will also offer companies hands-on support from Microsoft experts and Live Chat to help with immediate problem solving.

Axiz experts include Azure design, infrastructure, and developer architects as well as Office 365 workload professionals.

As an indirect provider, Axiz will assist companies to go to market quickly and easily, while requiring less capital investment as they have made it on behalf of their partners already.

“Our AxizCloud portal includes all billing functionality that you may need. And as an indirect provider, we have the systems and infrastructure in place to provide a robust level of support, so companies can focus on their customer offerings,” said Traci Maynard, Executive Axiz Microsoft.

To hear what current partners have to say about Axiz and the Microsoft team, watch this short video.

The next steps are easy – to register or to view their offerings, visit the AxizCloud website, or contact the team via email: [email protected].

To see how Axiz can save you thousands each year, watch the video below.

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Save thousands of rands every year with Axiz