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The minimum specs for a modern business laptop – Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed the minimum specifications of what it calls a “modern laptop” – devices that offer businesses the best features and security.

“The modern PC for the modern workplace is about more than just computing power, it’s about meeting specific design, security, and performance requirements,” said Bruce Murphy, Microsoft OEM Technical Sales – Design in Strategist at Microsoft.

Modern devices should have battery power of eight hours or more, business-class processing power, high definition screens, and at least 4GB of RAM, he said.

“Modern devices are packaged in a secure, sleek design, and offer new form factors such as sleek ultrabooks and 2-in-1 convertibles,” said Murphy. “All of this combines to ensure a vastly superior, more secure experience.”

Windows 10 features modern security

Modern devices that meet these specifications are better able to support Microsoft’s Windows 10 Professional security solution for business, said Murphy, which allows organisations to protect their data and devices without worrying about cybersecurity administration.

“Pro packs all the features of Windows 10, plus business functionality for encryption, remote log-in, built in anti-virus and malware, and ransomware protection, creating virtual machines to protect your business data,” said Murphy.

These include enhanced encryption, as users get additional security with BitLocker to help protect their data with encryption and security management, and secure cloud storage with OneDrive for business to store, sync, and share work files.

With Windows 10 Pro, companies can also create their own private app section within the Windows Store for access to company-authorised productivity applications. Users working remotely can log in with Remote Desktop to sign in and securely use their PC.

Users can also create and run virtual machines with Hyper-V, enabling them to run more than one operating system at the same time, on the same PC. This is useful for developers who need to test software on multiple operating systems, or business users who run software that requires an older version.

Enabling the modern workplace

Modern devices are also designed to improve collaboration and enhance the working environment, said Karin Jones, Microsoft South Africa Modern Workplace Business Group Lead, also speaking at the event.

“There is a new culture of work that is emerging, which is being driven by digital transformation,” said Jones. “Traditionally, employees would work in an office behind a desk, but workspaces today are open, collaborative, and interactive.”

Mobility is also a key feature, as more millennials enter the workforce, and there is a shift away from task-related environments to workplaces that are creative and innovative, she added.

“Within this environment, the security landscape is changing dramatically. On one hand, we want an open work environment, but at the same time we need more intricate security to support this,” said Jones. “Threats have become more complex, and at Microsoft we’re integrating security seamlessly into our applications and devices.”

Microsoft 365 offers a complete, intelligent solution to empower employees to be creative and to work together, securely, she added. “It allows for productivity and teamwork, integrates for simplicity, and includes intelligent security.”

For more information, visit the Microsoft website.

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The minimum specs for a modern business laptop – Microsoft