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What Randvest has in store for BT-SA

BT-SA, a leading ICT infrastructure solutions partner, is set to expand its reach into the corporate and public sector, following its acquisition by Randvest Technology Holdings, a private and independent investment holding company chaired by former BCX CEO Isaac Mophatlane.

Randvest acquired 100% of BT-SA effective 1 March 2018, and the new board of directors will play a significant role in the strategic growth and development of the company, according to Mophatlane. “We intend to sit on the board of directors and back the management team with strategic direction, revenue growth, transformation, risk and governance,” he said.

BT-SA’s board of directors now consists of Mophatlane, Themba Gumbi, and Lawrence Weitzman, all of whom have extensive experience in the ICT industry. Former directors Bertie Strydom and Erik Jordaan will continue to be involved in the day-to-day business as external consultants.

The growth of BT-SA

BT-SA has offered ICT infrastructure solutions for the past 35 years, specialising in data networks, communications, air conditioning, electrical and security solutions for businesses in southern Africa.

“BT-SA has an excellent service delivery pedigree behind them, which they have delivered consistently over the past three decades to their customers,” said Mophatlane.

“They have a deep skillset and are well positioned to bring about transformation and growth, as well as to be established as a significant contributor to South Africa’s economy.”

Randvest will play a pivotal role in enabling BT-SA to achieve these goals, he added, saying that BT-SA is able to upgrade South Africa’s legacy infrastructure.

“There is still a lot to be done in connecting corporate customers, government and the public sector at large,” said Mophatlane. “The ability to upgrade legacy infrastructure in South Africa is one of the big opportunities for BT-SA going forward. Public sector is suffering from a backlog that has to be addressed, and a well-run infrastructure partner will play an important role in that.”

Level 2 B-BBEE status

The acquisition has also afforded BT-SA a Level 2 B-BBEE status, which Gumbi said would contribute towards the growth and wellbeing of BT-SA and its workforce.

“Level 2 empowerment gives businesses a ticket to the game, and will allow BT-SA to effectively participate in the economic growth of the country,” said Gumbi. “Many corporate clients and those in public sector would not consider a business without adequate status, which would result in lost opportunities.”

Gumbi added that Randvest would drive BT-SA in terms of transformation, strategic thinking, and innovation. “BT-SA is a great company that has done well so far, and we are really excited to be part of it. Our vision for the company is to make it a company that is a leader in every market in which it participates – well-established, respected by the market, admired, and envied by its competitors.”

For more information, visit the BT-SA website.

Isaac Mophatlane

Themba Gumbi

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What Randvest has in store for BT-SA