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Cloud services simplify cloud adoption – Axiz Chief Digital Officer Andrew Moodley

On 13 June 2018, MyBroadband hosted its annual Cloud, Hosting, and Security Conference at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

Among the industry’s top speakers was Axiz Chief Digital Officer Andrew Moodley, who participated in the panel discussion at the conference. Moodley highlighted how partnering with cloud service providers has enabled their company to solve challenges for their customers, specifically with regards to cloud adoption.

Cloud services have produced many opportunities for Axiz, and besides seeing enormous efficiency changes, cloud services have enabled them to do things they weren’t capable of traditionally as a distributor, said Moodley.

It has also allowed their customers and partners to take on challenges they haven’t been able to before. Partners are now able to enter into the ecosystem and bring their services mainstream, and to a larger audience.

“What has been exciting for us is that instead of people being able to adopt cloud or position cloud, now everybody can participate,” said Moodley.

What value Axiz finds in the MyBroadband Cloud Conference

Traci Maynard, Axiz Microsoft Executive, also commented on being at the MyBroadband Cloud Conference.

According to Maynard, the event has given their company an opportunity to actively engage in conversation with some of their partners and competitors, especially through the panel discussion, allowing them to answer questions in an environment applicable to their customers.

“At the MyBroadband Cloud Conference we participated in a panel discussion. That for us was an informal way to ask questions and have them answered in environment we believe our partners would understand best,” said Maynard.

The MyBroadband cloud event saw over 1,500 of South Africa’s top cloud, hosting, and security executives and IT professionals in attendance.

To learn more, watch the short video of Axiz at the conference below.

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Cloud services simplify cloud adoption – Axiz Chief Digital Officer Andrew Moodley