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Intel Optane memory makes programs wait for you – Not vice versa

Intel’s auxiliary storage Optane memory drives are a smart, adaptable system accelerator based on 3D XPoint non-volatile memory technology – and are now available for 8th-Gen Intel Core processor laptops and desktops.

The technology is designed to accelerate performance on a system by RAM-caching pieces of a user’s most frequently-used applications so that they load faster, allowing users to enjoy a faster, smoother, and more responsive computing experience.

This means it learns and remembers work patterns to track tasks users value and use most, turning unique computing habits into productivity advantages.

It also reduces bottlenecks with its sequential read/write speeds of up to 1,200/280 MB/s, allowing nearly-instant program loading – letting users work more efficiently as they spend much less time waiting for apps and programs to open.

To experience this faster-than-SSD performance, users can simply combine Intel Optane memory into their systems with Intel 8th-gen processors and compatible motherboards.

Uncompromised capacity

Optane storage drives are available for purchase in 16GB and 32GB capacities, and when paired with Optane-ready devices, they provide up to 2.2-times faster performance and responsiveness without compromising storage capacity.

The 16GB drive is ideal for running multiple applications and frequent task switching, while the 32GB drive is ideal for running data-intensive applications, multiple games, and creating and editing large-format media.

Regardless of the demands, both the 16GB and 32GB Intel Optane drives let you take advantage of high-speed acceleration and affordable large-scale storage capacity to keep frequently-used files and applications close at hand.

Smooth gameplay

Optane storage is also ideal for gamers, who often have to wait for new levels or media to load while playing AAA titles.

With Intel Optane storage, users can experience up to 4.7-times faster game level-loading and 1.7-times faster media loading, simply by boosting a large secondary HDD with Intel Optane memory’s new Data Drive Acceleration feature.

This means gamers can stop waiting at loading windows and start experiencing smoother gameplay.

To save money and many hours of lost productivity, customers can also upgrade to a new computer with Intel Optane Memory already installed. To purchase a complete system with Optane memory pre-installed, customers can visit their local retailer.

For more information about how Intel Optane memory offers exceptional performance, visit the Intel website.

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Intel Optane memory makes programs wait for you – Not vice versa