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Why I love watching Netflix on the Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a flagship smartphone with a selection of cutting-edge features – from Iris scanning to support for Google AR Core.

Notwithstanding the vast array of potential use cases for all these impressive capabilities, most of my time with my Galaxy S9 has been spent consuming video content on Netflix and YouTube.

The main reason I have taken to watching content on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is its impressive AMOLED display.

Ever since I first got my hands on the device, I was impressed by its crystal-clear image quality and high contrast ratio.

This shouldn’t really be a surprise, as both the resolution and contrast ratio of the device are superior to either of the monitors I have plugged into my gaming PC.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S9’s aspect ratio makes watching movies or series a great experience, and the ability to stretch the picture all the way to the edge of the device’s Infinity display only adds to the immersion.

As a result, increasing amounts of Netflix have been shifted from my PC and TV to the Netflix Android app.

Galaxy S9

Quality and Sound

As someone who likes to binge-watch my favourite shows after a long day at work, being able to watch series effortlessly – without turning on a TV or computer – is one less obstacle keeping me from my relaxation.

Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S9’s extreme pixel count and vivid display, the quality of Netflix video is always exceptional.

The AMOLED panel has impressive brightness capabilities, too, easily holding its own in bright sunlight and reducing glare.

I took the device travelling with me recently, and it proved to be an invaluable companion on otherwise excruciatingly-long international flights.

After downloading series and movies from Netflix beforehand – I could store more than I would ever need thanks to the device’s 64GB of storage – I boarded the plane, plugged my Galaxy S9 in to charge, and fired up Netflix.

Most of my Netflix viewing is done with headphones connected to the Galaxy S9’s audio jack, but using the smartphone’s built-in speakers is also an impressive experience.

Samsung has added Dolby Atmos support to the Galaxy S9, ramping up the sound quality through the device’s stereo speakers to rival that of many laptops.

With all of these features available at the touch of a button, setting up the device for Netflix streaming delivers a mini theatre-like experience, with perfect image quality and great sound.

Using the device for a number of months now has had a marked effect on my daily habits, with much less of my Netflix viewing being done in front of a big screen.

These days, when the urge to continue my latest binge-watching session hits me, I reach for my Samsung Galaxy S9.

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Why I love watching Netflix on the Samsung Galaxy S9