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Otto Wireless Solutions introduces ICASA-approved GSM boosters

Otto Wireless Solutions, a leading wireless industrial connectivity hardware supplier situated in Randburg, has introduced ICASA-approved, non network-locked GSM Boosters to the local market.

The GSM Boosters are supplied as a choice of 2 fully installed kit options. Installation is carried out by a third party company who have extensive experience in terms of installing GSM Boosters for the service providers themselves.

This professional installation ensures that customers have a properly installed and guaranteed solution, commissioned by a company who are also capable of ensuring that the product installation is not causing interference within the service providers’ networks.

The GSM Booster itself operates within the 900MHz and 1800MHz frequency bands, making it suitable for both voice and data signal improvements for most service providers, with the exception of 8ta.

The 2 kit options provide customers with either a single indoor ceiling mount antenna, sufficient to improve signal strength in just one average sized room (great for improving signal to a fixed LTE router) or a second option which includes 3 indoor antennas, covering a greater surface area (making it a great fit for improving voice/data connectivity to handsets in the average sized home).

In both instances, Otto Wireless Solutions has combined the GSM booster with one of their popular outdoor directional Ottennas, and either one or three indoor ceiling mount Ottennas, ensuring that the holistic product offering provides the best possible solution to clients.

A short video of the product, hosted by the Sales and Marketing Director, Chris Viveiros, with some handy basic technical explanations is available to be viewed on the company’s youtube channel.

For additional information or enquiries, contact Otto Wireless Solutions on 011 791 1033, via email at [email protected], or visit the Otto Wireless Solutions website.

This article was published in partnership with Otto Wireless.

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Otto Wireless Solutions introduces ICASA-approved GSM boosters