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Take control of your home network with Fingbox

The internet is becoming increasingly intertwined with everyday life with the fast rise of Internet of Things (IoT). Being interconnected to the world is truly an enabler for both individuals and businesses on many levels, but it also exposes users to many risks.

Cybercrime, hacking, data theft, and piracy are some of the real dangers that the technology industry and end-users has continuously been plagued with, and undoubtedly will be in the future.

Tech companies are challenged almost on a daily basis to provide products and services that protect users from the dangers that come with the increased use of the internet.

The creators of the world’s most downloaded network scanner, Fing, has heard the cries of user concerns around network security and decided to take action.

With over 35 million downloads and exceptional user ratings on the mobile version, Fing has proven to be a working solution for its users, and led to the launch of the first hardware option called Fingbox in November of 2016.

Forward to 2018 and Fingbox have grown to a network must-have digital sidekick that allows users to manage, secure and control any home or office network and all the devices joined to it anytime, anywhere using the Fing app.

Fingbox is a puck-sized device which plugs into your network at home and opens a new realm of control and knowledge about every device that connects to your home network, wired or wireless.

Fingbox allows the user to control device time on the Internet, what the user can look at, perform troubleshooting to understand why the Internet is lagging, and protect from cyber hacking.


Key features of the Fingbox are detailed below.

Parental Controls

Fingbox is perfect for parents looking to manage childrens’ Internet activity, as it allows them to schedule an Internet outage, block devices, manage device usage, and monitor what the children are doing on the internet.

Another feature called Digital Presence also allows users to see who is home. It reports on the individual’s arrival, when connected to the network, and when they leave the network.

Upcoming features will also allow users to block specific online categories and websites, and alerting the user via SMS or email if anyone with their network has attempted to access these sites or categories.

Network Performance

Fingbox helps to improve network performance, so users’ connections are not only faster, but more stable and reliable. Fingbox allows the user to monitor Internet Service Provider outages, speeds and latency, as well as the user’s internal network for poor connectivity and ‘dead zones’.

Pair this with the Fingbox’s ability to identify all the devices on the network and the bandwidth analysis tool, and users will find who is hogging all the bandwidth on their network in no time. Users can even conveniently block them or limit their access with the click of a button.

Network Security

Hacker bots are regularly scanning connections to find an easy way to gain access. Through 24/7 network monitoring, Fingbox will identify those open ports and enable users to close them.

Another great feature, Digital Fence, was developed to provide visibility of all devices that are Wi-Fi enabled and in close proximity of a user’s home. Cameras and alarms are a great monitoring tool to assist with your home security, but when paired with the Fingbox on a network assist with improved monitoring, and become a versatile application that captures data of unwelcome intruders.

The captured data can in turn aid in identifying these intruders and track them down when they become active on other public networks.

In this day and age, security is undoubtedly a concern for everyone online, and Fingbox provides an inexpensive solution to a potentially costly problem.

Pre-order the Fingbox from HX.Systems

HX.Systems has partnered with Fing to distribute and retail Fingbox, bringing it to users at an affordable price.

For a limited time only, South Africans will now also have access to the benefits of Fingbox for their own networks at only R1,990 (usually trading at R2,390).

Best of all, it is a flat fee with NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION COSTS! Don’t delay, secure your network today!

Pre-order the Fingbox here and download the free Fing App from Google Play store or Apple store to unlock a world of functionality with the Fingbox. Pre-orders are open, and the first shipment of Fingbox arrives in July.

HX.Systems has been an Internet Service Provider in the Western Cape since 2008 directly dealing with business and residential clients, where the need for internal network overview and management is critical for improved decision making and problem solving that clients and ISPs are faced with.

For more information, visit or contact 021 300 3330/0033.

Those interested in becoming a reseller or agent can email [email protected] for more information.

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Take control of your home network with Fingbox