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Netshield fibre products promise improved uptime and efficiency

In the digital age, being connected is a non-negotiable for companies who want to remain relevant and competitive. Each business decision revolves around shared information and data, and down-time is simply out of the question.

With unrelenting demands for real-time access, organisations need to hunt down the most reliable solutions available, which will improve uptime and overall efficiency.

Connectivity products from Netshield

Netshield – an electronic, mechanical, instrumentation, optical, and technological research and development company – offers a range of cutting-edge fibre products that can meet stringent connectivity needs.

Fibre connectivity products available in their range are detailed below.

Ethernet media converters

Netshield stocks high-quality international “mini-; bridging-; industrial-; and true media convertors for networking, video, and industrial needs.

With the simple deployment of Netshield’s affordable media converters, users can convert the older areas in their network to fibre, as the convertors allow users to change the signal on the network from a copper signal to fibre without making any other changes to the network.

Netshield recommends these convertors for customers looking to extend the limit or length of their network, require a non-conductive link, or require a multi-port copper to fibre link, and Power over Ethernet.

The media convertors are also a good alternative for customers who have copper ports in fibre devices, and for companies undecided about the future of their network and need a quick fix or an inexpensive solution to help their network act like a fibre network.

Ethernet switches

For customers looking for L2 Ethernet switches or a 10/100 switch that comes coupled with fibre ports, the Netshield ‘NSW’ range offers both non-manageable and web-smart devices.

Netshield offers a lower-end tabletop 10/100 Ethernet switch. These only have copper ports and are available in 5, 8, 16, or 24 port models. The 5-port and 8-port units come standard with plastic casings, while the 16-port and 24-port units come standard with metal casings.

Fibre optic leads and cables

Netshield offers duplex fibre patch leads that allow for data transmittance and receival, and are available in various lengths – in both multi and single mode.

The range of fibre patch or pigtail leads from Netshield are available in standard casing, while ruggedised casing can be obtained for bulk orders. While rugged casing provides extra protective shielding, standard casing is suitable for most network environments.

Netshield also offers compatible Cisco cables that will assist with all sizes of network implementations.

Additionally, Netshield offers X21 compatible cables, typically used between the NTU and the Cisco or 3Com router. These cables come with a DB15 connector that can be either Cisco HD60PW standard or Smart Serial, representing the size of a USB connector.  The standard length for these are 3 metres, but longer lengths are available.

Why Netshield

Netshield’s portfolio of IT products includes a range of locally-developed solutions that have been around since 1994, as well as an extensive range of globally-sourced networking products, making it a connectivity solutions provider of choice.

Additionaly, when buying any of Netshield’s locally-manufactured connectivity products, users get a carry-in warranty – as well as a one-year warranty on the imported ranges available.

For more information on these and other connectivity products, visit Netshield’s online store, or contact them on 086 111 4428.

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Netshield fibre products promise improved uptime and efficiency