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Secure your employees’ devices using Mobile Device Management

Many organisations allow or require employees to use a personal device for work purposes. This entails accessing confidential company data, which can pose security risks for enterprise IT infrastructure and data.

These risks include vulnerability to malware, and loss or theft, which may lead to a data leak or other critical security breaches.

Looking at the annual State of Cybercrime 2017 report – based on surveys conducted by CSO, sponsored by Herjavec Group – these risks are very real. The report stated that cybercrime damage costs will hit $6 trillion annually by 2021, and it is evident that the damage to companies from cybercrime is escalating.

Although Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices pose security risks, they also add to increased efficiency and convenience – which can help business and employees thrive as they grow and adapt to the modern workplace.

Considering the advantages of BYOD, companies looking to embrace it needn’t abandon the idea, but rather be vigilant about data management on mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management

To protect corporate information, enterprises can adopt a mobile device management (MDM) approach, which will allow them to actively avoid information compromise.

ManageEngine offers affordable mobile device management software, which brings a level of security to employee devices so enterprises can fortify security.

ManageEngine MDM Security features

ManageEngine MDM Security features include:

  • Remotely wipe device data: Perform a remote lock and data wipe in case of loss or theft by geographically locating the device to ensure it’s not just misplaced.
  • Detect and report high-risk non-compliant devices: Easily discover jail-broken and rooted devices within the organisation network.
  • Secured access network: Safeguard your network with role-based device usage permissions and customisable and configurable access policies to corporate accounts.

The solution is designed to cost-effectively enhance employee productivity without compromising on corporate security, as it allows people to work on-the-go while using a device of their choice. Crucially, it also allows organisations to enforce stringent security policies.

The system requires authorisation by the device owner, through which it grants several permissions to the company’s IT department to make sure the device is being used by its rightful owner.

It also allows companies to remotely view and control devices in real time, so in the case of theft or loss, IT departments are permitted to remotely wipe the device of any company-related activity, or to reset the device to its defaults.

For more information on device management solutions, visit the ManageEngine website.

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Secure your employees’ devices using Mobile Device Management