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The best time to take photos with your Samsung Galaxy S9

One of the standout features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is its unique camera design, with the S9 and S9+ boasting variable-aperture lenses.

The ability for the Galaxy S9’s primary camera to dynamically switch between two apertures allows for stunning photographs in lighting conditions where most other smartphones would simply fail to perform.

This high-quality smartphone camera is a important feature for many users, as mobile phones are replacing traditional cameras at a rapid pace – due to their impressive specifications and portability.

The Samsung Galaxy S9’s primary camera is a 12MP sensor with a variable aperture that automatically switches between f/1.5 and f/2.4, depending on the lighting conditions.

This camera is also present on the rear of the Galaxy S9+, along with an additional 12MP fixed-aperture lens.

These camera systems make the Samsung Galaxy S9 perfect for amateur and professional photographers alike, capturing any scene with an unprecedented level of fidelity.

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“Golden Hour”

When taking photos with your Samsung Galaxy S9, you should time your shoot to take place in the “golden hour”.

The golden hour refers to just before when the sun rises and sets, and provides ideal lighting conditions.

During the golden hour, the daylight is redder and softer than it normally is throughout the day, resulting in unique lighting conditions which are impossible to replicate.

The Samsung Galaxy S9’s dual-aperture camera is ideal for taking photos in this setting, as it can capture the clarity of the light just as the human eye see it.

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Tips for perfect shots

Speaking at a masterclass hosted by Samsung in Ibiza, professional photographer Uli Weber explained how to take high-quality pictures using the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Weber is renowned for his portrait shots of celebrities, including Kate Moss and Sting.

The photographer offered a number of tips for taking the perfect shots during the golden hour, as well as how to take advantage of the small size and manoeuvrability of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Below are Weber’s tips for taking great images with your Galaxy S9 and S9+.

  • Angle is everything – If you are taking photographs outside, try and make sure the sun is about 90 and 180 degrees to one side, so you get the best depth of light – also known as “fall off”.
  • Change your perspective – During golden hour, the temptation is often to try to capture the setting sun, rather than what’s around you. Use the golden glow to capture everyday objects in a new light.
  • Stay put – There’s often temptation to move from one spot to the next during golden hour, but just keep shooting from where you are.

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Weber added that the Samsung Galaxy S9’s low-light capabilities make it an invaluable travelling companion for professional photographers.

“Having a handset with advanced low-light capabilities in your pocket as you travel means you can capture these one-off moments without having to edit afterwards,” said Weber.

All the photos in this article were captured with the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

This article was published in partnership with Samsung.

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The best time to take photos with your Samsung Galaxy S9