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10 key considerations for moving your contact centre to the cloud

According to a survey by LogicMonitor, it is predicted that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. This means that cloud adoption has fast become an integral, and now inevitable, part of a business’s existence.

Cloud computing offers improved collaboration between parties, and according to analysis of Nucleus ROI case studies, delivers 2.1-times more return on investment (ROI) than on-premise ones.

Another reason why organisations need to adopt cloud solutions as early as possible is, according to Gartner, that by 2020 more leading-edge IT capabilities will be available only in the cloud – forcing reluctant organisations closer to cloud adoption.

As enterprises move to the cloud, contact centres need to move with them and keep up with contact centre technology innovation to stay current and productive in the way they handle customers.

Migrating contact centres to the cloud, however, can be challenging for some, but preparing for it ahead of time will ensure that employees are equipped and the transition is quick and seamless.

Key considerations for moving contact centres to the cloud

Industry-tailored digital solutions provider Genesys has released a new eBook outlining the key considerations for moving contact centres to the cloud, which is now available for download.

Download the Genesys eBook here.

The eBook serves as a guideline for small startups to large corporates, underlining 10 key steps that will help them select a partner and move to a cloud-based contact centre – while achieving the benefits of agility, scale, and cost.

The evaluation criteria underlined in the eBook includes cultural fit, integration and tools, technology and service partners to extend capabilities, security and compliance, business continuity, and the future of the contact centre.

By evaluating these criteria and answering critical questions at the outset, organisations can select the solution provider that best matches their business goals and requirements, and migrate their contact centre to the cloud with confidence.

This article was published in partnership with Genesys.

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10 key considerations for moving your contact centre to the cloud